A Toast to Summer






Shifting the product focus to the wider brand experience


All about summer

CBA have been working with Chandon since 2015 to build a communication platform that revolutionised the category. Instead of focusing on the ‘end of the year’ (Christmas and New Year), Chandon started focusing on summer, the year’s best season.

Chandon bottle graphics
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Festive, positive, exciting and boiling

Through a smart communication insight jointly developed by CBA and LVMH in 2014, which extended the brand’s momentum and the consumption of its products, it changed the dynamics in the segment and, best of all, founded the perfect match with the season reflective of the brand’s style – festive, positive, exciting and boiling.

We’ve been together since the start of this endeavour – from planning to the creative concept, from creating the communication campaign to its application in giveaways and product kits, sales furniture and the experience in selling points, both on and off trade.

Continuity & Evolution

Always true to the brand’s core values; Chandon have showed their consistency but, above all, they have evolved throughout our relationship.

Chandon timeline
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Chandon beach

Formal Flute & Casual Glass: Meet the Colours Collection

The champagne flutes that become drink glasses, originally and exclusively designed by CBA B+G, simplify the consumption of Brazil’s most loved sparkling wine. Coloured and vibrant, from New Year’s toast to the relaxed drink by the pool, traditional or on ice, adding a cool chic Brazilian touch. Chandon glasses come in different colours that may be found in Chandon Colours Collection and Chandon Passion on Ice packs.

Chandon studio
Chandon drawing