Twenty Degrees

Transparent Tastemakers






Twenty Degrees is on a mission to change the way we think about premium cacao. Bringing new premium cacao beans to the market in a way that’s transparent and traceable, delivering constancy and quality to meet the needs of craft chocolate makers.


With a market divided into small independents who can’t offer cacao consistency and large commercial traders who’s scale is preventative to small batch premium cacao, there is space for a supplier who can offer both, specialist beans consistency and transparently.


Utilising Twenty Degrees transparent approach to cacao souring we took inspiration from the full bean to bar process to infuse the brand with real stories and an authentic passion for cacao.

The name and brand marque take inspiration from the Cocoa Belt, the narrow zone that lies between 20°N and 20°S of the Equator, the only place on earth where cacao grows.
Our signifier is a flexible asset that can be used to draw focus and provides a platform for the graphic style of the brand.

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Twenty Degrees will create something truly unique in the specialty market.

———–   Gerard MANLEY, CEO of Olam Cocoa. 

Our modern, bright but earthy colour palette takes inspiration from the beautiful natural variety found in the cacao beans themselves. This teamed with a simple and bold graphic approach brings fresh life to the visual world of cacao.

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Our approach to photography is inspired by the transparent partnerships Twenty Degree creates. Imagery is shown in pairs, shining a light on all aspects of the cacao journey at once. Capturing authentic candid pictures of our farmers, the process of caring for and harvesting the beans, the stunning locations in which their grown, the rigorous testing and profiling and the tantalising end products to build a true picture of the bean to bar process.

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The website brings the story of the beans to life by offering the opportunity to tell the stories of each beans and beyond. We’ve taken a highly visual approach to the website to create engaging content that delivers information with considered UX.

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We wanted to capture the unique flavours and story of each bean. We developed a graphic style that brings the brand to every aspect of page. Whether it’s simplifying the harvesting process or evoking the senses through provocative flavour imagery in the sensory profile every element has been considered through the branded lens.