With heart in the heart of Latam

CBA opens CBA B+G, its first presence in Latam

Thisassociation of expertise will allow the brand CBA to shine from SãoPaulo across all Latin America.

CBAB+G is already working for the network global clients in this area and willsupport them with a strategic and coherent management of their brands over allthe LATAM area (Nestlé, Kimberly Clark, Carrefour Properties…)

The55 people team will be co-managed by Luis Bartolomei, the B+G founder, andLudovic Dapoigny, who have been the General Manager in charge of theinternational group of CBA network from 2006 to 2012. Before joining CBA B+G,Ludovic had launched and managed the New Yorker agency Black & Gold in2012.

Two other partners; Rodrigo Costabeber and Alex Espinoza will respectivelymanage the Creative Direction and Strategic Planning of the agency.

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