CBA B+G and Oni Design are merging!

Exciting news!

CBA B+G, our studio in Latina America and one of the strong players in the Brazilian market, merges with ONI, an agency with expertise in service design and business design methodologies, with in mind the desire to strengthen its strategic areas by focusing on design as a transformative-tool. Moreover, with the constant evolution of the market, CBA B+G is getting ahead of the game and wants to expand its portfolio and integrate service design and business design methodologies in its activity to respond to new business scenarios in design.

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“We realized that, with a very similar DNA, we could apply to the scope of CBA B+G much of what we offer to our clients, helping with their structural, commercial, methodological and even cultural evolution. At the same time, we embraced the structure, experience, and robustness of one of the most important and long-standing companies in the industry, to take our services to a new level, serving from the largest Latin American multinationals to startups or spin-offs with great growth potential”, adds Herick Ferreira, former ONI partner who is now Head of Growth at CBA B+G.   

————– Herick FERREIA, Former ONI partner who is now Head of Growth at CBA B + G

CBA B+G and Oni have the same goal: build a new model – where brand-building processes are never dissociated from the overall business – and to affirm its commitment as a strategic partner to its consumers.  

Stay put, good things are on the way!