Koumkwat, Bouygues Immobilier

This is not a brand





A hybrid living space. A new kind of living space for active, generous, altruistic, forward-thinking and independent young people. Meet the new generation of co-livers who believe that collective experiences pave the way for positive change.


Co-create new hybrid and solidarity space species

CBA Design Project Koumkwat Peaple
CBA Design Project koumkwat citron1

CBA’s vision for an identity that embodies and conveys the diversity and buzz of this kind of living space:

CBA Design Project Koumkwat Home 1 scaled


KoumKwat is not a brand.

It doesn’t have a brand book or guidelines, and there are as many logos as there are co-livers.

KoumKwat is the essence of its residents, it draws on their look and feel, their life experience and their creativity.

Co-livers don’t conform, they forge their own paths.

A strong identity

A modern, vibrant colour scheme and patterns breathe life and an identity into the living space.

CBA Design Project koumkwat 2photos

A quirky tone of voice

Koumkwat uses a hybrid style of communication that reflects both the space and its residents⁠—an oral and visual language made up of sounds, questions and invitations, which everyone can relate to.

CBA Design Project Koumkwat brand 1 scaled
CBA Design Project Koumkwat 2images

The living space

To help co-livers really feel at home, CBA designed Koumkwats with names instead of numbers. These new-generation living spaces blend perfectly into the local cityscape, and inspire new connections with those living in the area.

CBA Design Project koumkwat Lieu 1 scaled

The Welkoum-Kit

To welcome new residents, CBA designed a WelKoum Kit in brand colours.

CBA Design Project koumkwat kit

The web site

CBA’s web design team created Koumkwat’s immersive, responsive website.

It draws on the brand identity, and gives future co-livers the chance to find out about the Koumkwat experience.

CBA Design Project Koumkwat Siteweb

The KoumKwat app

This app allows co-livers to connect with their community, by sharing events and activities. All co-livers can use the app to create their own event and event communications to liven up their neighbourhood.

CBA Design Project Koumkwat Brand2 1 scaled