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CBA creates a modular multi-format retail concept according to countries and imagines a new innovation policy for Nescafé’s products

/ Background

Nestlé launched instant coffee 75 years ago, and is now present in 180 countries around the world. It is the most consumed brand of coffee worldwide, with 5 500 cups per second, and has a very important market share on its different established markets.

Collaboration between Nescafé and CBA began in 2011, when the brand decided to rethink entirely its strategy, identity and offer. CBA is today in charge of accompanying the brand’s strategy to settle its leadership in terms of global innovation. The agency was recently asked to imagine a new concept for Nescafé’s points of sale, spearhead of the recruitment of millenials and digital natives around the globe.

/ True Vision

Nescafé’s objective is to offer a lifestyle brand able to gather and seduce a free, connected and nomadic youth, looking to give meaning to what it consumes. To answer this strong problematic, CBA imagined a multi-format strategy for Nescafé, a genuine shape-shifting system that can be adjusted according to each country, investments and spaces.


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/ Creative Expression

8 different “points of sale” formats were born from this thinking process, going from the flagship to the simple sandwich board man. Nescafé therefore established agile, pertinent and opportunist means to welcome its consumers, eager to experience, and to enhance the new product innovation politic imagined by CBA. The brand invites its clients to take ownership of the space available for them, in order to live a customised, rich, stimulating and connected consumer experience.

The concept includes:

  • A capsules library to make your own coffee within the DolceGusto corner
  • Different cushions you can choose to personalize your tasting space and session,
  • A digital Community Wall to share your mood and to connect with the Nescafé community in the city and in the world,
  • A huge library full of books, games and pencils,
  • Screens relaying brand content and connected, like in Seoul, to Ocular glasses enabling to trace the history of coffee in augmented reality,
  • A Community Table to share with others or, conversely, alcoves to keep intimacy,
  • Creative hubs encouraging meetings around a nice and sweet coffee cocktail.
cbadesign project NESCAFE 550 660 3 1

6 months after its opening in February 2015, in the heart of Tokyo’s student quarter, Nescafé Harajaku is already part of the top 5 Tokyoite coffee shops according to Tripadvisor.

The same can be said about the 600 m2 Seoul flagship that opened in November 2015. It perfectly embodies the values imagined by CBA for the brand: the 3 thematic floors (Interactivity – Lounge – Festivity) are associated with a glass façade for an Ice Cube effect, and give to Nescafé a strong footprint in the trendy quarters of the Korean capital city.

The different spaces and the culinary, recreational, connected and interactive activities are made to welcome the young Korean population all day long, specifically used to live in this kind of coffee shops as they often lack of private space. The environment of the Nescafé’s points of sale allow to live a different experience at each visit, and strengthen at the same time the product and leisure offer of the brand on its own market.

Nescafé received a Janus du Commerce 2016 label for its retail work with a special mention to the protocole of work and the innovation of the distribution model.