Lenôtre Shanghai

A first Lenôtre restaurant in China






For its entry into the Asian market, CBA supported Lenôtre in the deployment of its Parisian retail concept in Asia.
/ Background

The Parisian house of delicacies

Lenôtre, the great French gastronomic house, also known as the “Craftsmen-Creators of emotions”, was founded by Gaston Lenôtre, a passionate cook who left his mark on French gastronomy with his penchant for perfection and originality.
He made Lenôtre an ever more innovative brand, thanks to recipes that are constantly being revisited by the greatest chefs.

With the aim of establishing a foothold in the Chinese market for the first time, the brand wanted to share this know-how and knowledge of Parisian gourmet food with a younger Chinese audience looking for sophisticated French experiences.

/ True vision

CBA supported the brand in its reflection on setting up a Lenôtre store in China. Inspired by its existing Parisian retail concept, the agency wanted to add specific codes adapted to the Chinese market.

In order to understand the brand, it was necessary for customers to be able to live a true French experience, while cultivating a privileged relationship with the brand and thus wanting to be tempted by the delicacies offered on site.

As the shop is located in Xintiandi, Shanghai, one of the city’s most fashionable and luxurious districts, the challenge was twofold:

  • Approach and attract the Chinese golden youth
  • Invite international tourists to experience Lenôtre
/ creative expression

A display of "French Refinement"

The architecture and decoration of the Lenôtre restaurant meet a double objective:

  • Immerse customers in the capital of gastronomy from the moment they arrive
  • Highlight French know-how in a contemporary style in line with the expectations of the targets

As the shop primarily offers a catering service, the agency designed a double space: the takeaway counters and an on-site dining room. This space is distinguished by a neat Parisian spirit with ochre, beige and midnight blue colours: tones that are both warm and sophisticated.

The space is enriched by a contemporary decor, a real nod to the Haussmannian style, with the use of noble materials and specific finishes such as woodwork and arches. A long cane and leather bench is highlighted by a mosaic floor with exclusive, custom-designed motifs. The counter area has a hand-painted ceiling light with the wheat grains of the Lenôtre logo. 

Lenôtre planche avant la conception
CBA Design Project LenotreShangai Visuel 13 1

In this same space, the kitchen pianos are located, allowing the most curious to discover the gestures and know-how of French chefs.

Before leaving the restaurant, customers are invited to pose in front of an Instagram wall adorned with Parisian illustrations drawn by a French artist. This architectural concept allows them to immortalise and share their experience of “French chic” in Asia thanks to Lenôtre.

CBA Design Project LenotreShangai Visuel 06
Lenotre Shanghai Site Web Visuel 1
Lenotre Shanghai Site Web Visuel 3

As the agency was already familiar with the Asian market and the inherent consumer expectations, the very Parisian architectural concept was refined by taking into account certain codes specific to Shanghai and Chinese customers. It was also in this context that the agency assisted Lenôtre in redefining the à la carte gourmet offer to adapt it to the Chinese market.

CBA Design Project LenotreShangai Visuel 23 1
Lenotre Shanghai Site Web Visuel 2
CBA Design Project LenotreShangai Visuel 21

Finally, wishing to affirm design as a true marker of meaning and  utility, CBA teams were able to source all the materials locally; hence, reducing imports, in a logic of local adaptation. An action in line with the Critical Imprint.

Since then, CBA has continued to collaborate with the Parisian gourmet house and is working on a brand new Parisian boutique concept. Plans for new international locations are also underway.

As you may have guessed, there are new French gourmet experiences to come!