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CBA creates a new Malongo boutique concept for a sensory experience

/ Background

Malongo, respecting the land and people to build an ethical and sustainable coffee industry

CBA Design Project Malongo Logo

Created in 1934, theFrench brand Malongo, a pioneer in regards to the promotion of premium coffeeand tea, produced according to sustainable standards, wished to redefine itsretail concept, with the objectives of boosting its image and its performance.Its existing retail network had a weak consistency in terms of offer,management, and format, and needed to be realigned. Besides, the brand’s valuesand commitments, as well as its know-how and the quality of its products,needed to be better communicated.

/ true vision
  • SUSTAINABLE : A removable design, ecological material choices, sourced locally.
  • SENSORY : A sales space centered around a roaster, which brings a sweet smell of coffee.
  • VALUES : An ethical brand, respectful of the environment and people.

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/ creative expression

The brand highlightsits knowledge and its mastery of the coffee production, through a concept whichfocuses on its extensive know-how, from the bean to the cup. The spaceorganization of the stores give a central place to the coffee roaster counter,complemented by a barista area and a tasting zone. The experience is immersive,and is thought as a behind-the-scenes view, while according a great attentionto the tasting of this exceptional gastronomic product, on site or to takeaway.

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The brand’s sustainable approach is embodied in the architectural and furniture choices: the materials are noble, natural, assembled without solvents (wood, stone, iron), the lights and seats are unique pieces designed by young passionate designers. The sober packaging and specific signage, which are accompanied by strong and human visual communication, make it possible to explain to customers the brand’s commitments, the origin and the characteristics of the products.

Malongo has deployed this new concept internationally, in Europe and Asia.

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