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Redesign of the visual identity and products, creation of the new immersive and modular architectural concept

/ Background

Becoming a referencing French brand

With the aim of accelerating the growth of the brand in France and internationally, and updating the 60 existing stores, Oliviers & Co has chosen CBA to reinvent its architectural concept and visual identity for the brand and its products.

The challenge was to affirm its status as a food specialist and (re)become a French reference brand.

Newly acquired by the entrepreneur Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, the brand must integrate its portfolio of French culinary brands destined, among others, for Asian markets.

OCO 04 QUARTETT 18 77x12 50 v3 1
/ True vision

Preserve the DNA, authenticity and history of the brand

How to embody the renewal of the brand, preserve its DNA and reveal its expertise, preserve its authenticity and history, dear to its franchisees, customers and passionate partners?

The shop has been thought for an autonomous merchant visit allowing each one to deepen his knowledge according to his visits.

The immersive & modulable environment reveals a signature experience.

/ Creative expression

The symbolism of the fruit tree

The overall redefinition of the visual identity of the brand was necessary because Oliviers & Co lacked notoriety and recognition, and its graphic signs were weak, undifferentiated and very heterogeneous.

A visual identity Oliviers & Co was recreated around the symbol of the fruit tree for a better allocation and immediacy of destination abroad, endorsed by the mention MANE-France.

This new logotype reinforces the attributes of recognition and differentiation supported by the new global color system.

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OCO 09 DUO 18 84x38 10 1
OCO 04 QUARTETT 48 60x38 08 1

A new segmentation of offers was carried out by CBA to clarify their readings (mostly according to the geographical origin of the products, for oils and by ingredients and perfumes for the groceries) and to install more premium codes.

At the same time, the retail distribution concept was concentrated by certain totem components and easily attributable to the brand.

The concept has been defined around the furniture heritage of the brand, the seiner, reinterpreted for new uses

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OCO 03 QUARTETT 25 25x19 05 1
OLIVIER CO carre 1 1
  • The seiner, reinterpreted as Oliothèqueu, offers a panoramic view of the best oils sourced from the Mediterranean basin and invites the consumer to discover new tastes, heritages and culinary specialties. True cartography of selected territories of oils and vinegars, this easily accessible library allows a demonstrative and dynamic merchandising of offers.
  • At the center of the consumer routes, the grinding wheel of discovery of tastes, historical furnishings of production, is valued. A centerpiece with a high symbolic value added, a poly-sensory tasting experience of oils & vinegars to sacralize the brand : source & breeder of the best of oleiculture

The new Oliviers & Co concept-store installs a luminous, solar and sensory atmosphere combining accessible materials: hot wood, cement tiles, the chromatic palette of greens expressing the richness and variety of the Mediterranean… Wall displays – windows open to the harvest, production and those who master it – accompany the scenography of the offers.

/ Results

The new design reflects the new premium dimension of the brand, integrates the redesign of retail service codes, for a richer customer experience, educational and an elevated customer relationship.

9 new points of sale are planned in France and Norway by the end of the year.
The decline of the boutique concept in shop-in-shop is also underway with installation projects in the Paris region and Japan.

Finally, CBA is pleased to have accompanied Oliviers & Co in its participation in the 2017 Franchise Fair – held at the Porte de Versailles in March. On this occasion, the Agency designed the exhibiting space of the brand, thought as a corner shop for the new codes.

Well-received internally and externally, the design of CBA received many compliments and allowed a show rich in spin-offs for Oliviers & Co with more than 40 contacts over 3 days.