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For the 50th anniversaryof Rungis’ Market, CBA redesigns the brand’s platform revealing an ambitiouspositioning “Sharing Market Value” that declines into a new visualidentity, a new logo, new graphic territory.

/ Background

Since the Middle Ages, Paris has had a large, covered market. In the late 1960s, it moved to Rungis, at the capital’s city gates. The city of Rungis was chosen for its easy access by train and road, as well as its proximity to Paris Orly international airport. The market is now named after the city of Rungis and has become the world’s leading market for fresh food products.

However, its ambitions have changed over the years, and the current challenge is to move from mastering products to mastering service throughout the entire value chain.
Rungis is not just a market for fresh food products; it is history and logistics, as well as an employer and player in national and international public service.

Rungis photo noir et blanc

It is therefore fitting that Rungis market wanted to reposition itself on its 50th anniversary

/ True Vision

Semmaris, the company that manages Rungis market, hired CBA to redesign the brand’s platform.

Approximately 20 interviews were conducted with traders working at Rungis market, along with Semmaris employees and experts, such as specialised journalists. A prospective study on food and an in-depth analysis on the market and its latest arrivals were also carried out.

Several night-time visits were organised in order to have a genuine, immersive experience in the heart of the market. These tours started with a walk through the fishmongers at 2:00 a.m., before heading to the butchers and finishing up in the fruit and vegetables section. A unique, worthwhile experience!

Four targets were identified and analysed: Traders, buyers, the general public and institutions. A broad audience with different aims, all which must equally be taken into account.


CBA Design Project Rungis Market1
CBA Design Project Rungis Market2

Since becoming the president of Semmaris, Stéphane Layani has worked to change the perception of Rungis market, which is now famous for its quality products. He was the first to arrange a visit from a President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy. The market has since become an key annual meeting place for politicians. Public opinion is all the more important since then.

Following this long assessment stage, CBA defined a new, ambitious mission for the brand: ‘Defending the common good in the service of better food for all‘ and its new positioning ‘Sharing market value’.

CBA Design Rungis 07 Website

This led to a much more ambitious concept: anchor the brand to the future, overcome its postcard-perfect image and embrace the company’s full ambitions, by going beyond its physical walls and current business model and taking into account its values — excellence, progress, responsibility, and cooperation — along with its desire to export internationally.

A new visual identity, a new logo, new graphics, and a new slogan: Nourish, Grow, Sustain.

/ Creative Expression

Let's share the value of good

CBA Design Rungis 14 Website

During an upstream assessment, traders proved to be loyal and attached to the iconic symbol of Rungis — the crossroads.

During the research phase, CBA’s creative team found a book listing the greatest iconic symbols in the history of design, one being the original crossroads symbol designed in 1969. They proposed to build the new Rungis logo based on its heritage. Drawing on the historic, universally-admired symbol is a strong gesture, especially on the market’s 50th anniversary.

CBA has also redesigned the typography for ‘Rungis – International Market’ in an elegant, powerful and modern style.

Its graphics use highly readable typography, a grid reflecting the symbol and three main colours — red, white and black.

The result gives the brand a timeless, vibrant and bountiful look that should last for another 50 years, at least!

The new identity was revealed internally to Semmaris employees at the end of October via a video viewing and gifting of a branded mug.

CBA Design Rungis 05 Website
CBA Design Rungis 06 Website

Externally, it was debuted at a major event at the Grand Palais that took place over three days on 15, 16, and 17 November 2019. Many exhibitors offered tastings and fresh products for sale. In addition, approximately thirty chefs and the best food artisans in France offered cooking workshops.

It was a magical place to reveal the new identity to the general public and media.

The current challenge is to apply the new identity throughout the entire market — which is the same size as the Principality of Monaco!

As for the repercussions, 30,500 visitors were welcomed at the Grand Palais to reveal the new identity!

On Social Networks, impressions amounted to 92,453 with 3,674 reactions!