12X6 with Alessandro Doro

Twelve artworks for six months: 12×6 is the project that transforms our offices into an art gallery, with a showcase focused on the stories and worlds of young creative talents.

City or countryside?

This is the question that artist Alessandro Doro, also known as Maria, poses to us. In all of his works, Maria captures moments from his childhood, lived in a small town of 1,000 inhabitants.

CBA 12X6 Alessandro Doro 01 1200x800 1

He draws, digitalises, then takes it all and reworks it into new images. He says that when he designs he goes into apnea, only to re-emerge and breathe again once he has achieved the desired result.

His goal is to create a connection. He likes to think that people can complete his thoughts.
He never shows something finished, but rather something abstract, undefined to leave the possibility to the visitors to make their own idea, their own journey.

CBA 12X6 Alessandro Doro 03 790x500 1
CBA 12X6 Alessandro Doro 04 385x240 1
CBA 12X6 Alessandro Doro 05 385x240 1

The title of his exhibition, which was unveiled on 13 April together with friends, colleagues and design lovers, is ‘Orodoro, the local truth according to Maria’. The artworks range from representations of tomatoes surrounded by the green countryside, plowed fields seen from above, to images imprinted in his young mind, such as a fall with rollerblades and the subsequent bone fracture, or the fall into nettles and the pain he felt.

With these works, Maria takes us to his countryside, the values of the land and the balance of nature, in his memories made of simple and outdated experiences compared to those of the city.

For this reason, we decided to involve him in the 12X6 initiative, a project born to give space, metaphorically but also literally, to young professionals linked to the world of visual arts. Every six months, a journey articulated in twelve works is hosted in our offices, which become a permanent gallery of creative talents.

CBA 12X6 Alessandro Doro 19 1200x800 1

In thanking all those who participated in the opening night, we remind you that for the next six months, Orodoro is “visitable” at the CBA headquarters, via San Francesco d’Assisi 15, Milan. Thanks also go to Raffaele Sabella and Claudia Alexandrino (aka shutupclaudia), protagonists of the first and second edition of 12X6.

CBA 12X6 Alessandro Doro 17 690x630 1
CBA 12X6 Alessandro Doro 18 480x630 1

Maria is a designer and illustrator born in Lobia, who lives and works in Bassano del Grappa. To delve into his constantly evolving work, you can visit his Instagram profile @terriblesmile.