Marco Fileni Foundation

A new positioning and visual identity for the Marco Fileni Foundation, designed to reflect Marco’s positive energy and help young people discover their uniqueness and pursue their dreams.

The Foundation was established in memory of Marco Fileni, who passed away at the age of 25, with the aim of supporting deserving students through scholarships. Although the Foundation has had a very positive impact on youth education over the years, the Fileni family felt that Marco’s spirit was not fully represented.

How can we evolve the Foundation to better communicate Marco’s personality and values?

Firstly, we delved into Marco Fileni’s character through targeted interviews with relatives and friends, which provided us with a clear and consistent portrait of the young man. It became evident that the commendable work, when compared to the various dimensions of Marco’s personality, was not enough to fully capture his authentic values and traits.

Therefore, we considered expanding the Foundation’s offerings and purpose, with the goal of defining a new informal, recreational, and youth-oriented positioning. Through a workshop involving those closest to Marco, we further developed Marco’s values and identified key themes that converged into the new Mission:

“We aim to spread Marco Fileni's positive energy. We reach out to young people to facilitate the discovery of their uniqueness by practicing active listening, providing guidance and training, and offering spaces to come together.”

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We decided to preserve Marco Fileni’s characteristic trait of “radiance,” with a particular emphasis on his ability to positively inspire and influence others. Thus, a clear objective was defined: to facilitate the discovery of the youths’ uniqueness through dialogue, helping them identify their dreams and connect with their passions and inclinations.

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The topic of dialogue becomes central in the development of the visual identity, starting with the new logo. The Foundation becomes a “friendly voice” capable of assisting young people in finding their uniqueness. It creates a welcoming and understanding environment where every young person can feel free to open up and discover their own path, without pressure or prejudice.

The entire visual language, from typography choices to color palette, reflects Marco’s positive energy, his sunny, generous, and optimistic spirit. The tone of voice is direct and informal, aimed at motivating young people to understand who they are and how much they are worth.

The new positioning and visual identity were presented at the “Believing in Youth 2022/2023” event held in Jesi on June 15th. It was an emotional moment that saw the participation of many young people and those closest to Marco.