An immersive experience between sports and style

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Enriching the experience inside the new Colmar flagship in Milan through an immersive narrative that enhances the brand’s 100-year history.

The new flagship embraces the essence of Colmar: a brand that has learned from sporting endeavors to always look ahead to improve and innovate. A history of performance, style and extraordinary performance. An indissoluble connection with the world of skiing and its heroes through the constant challenges that have contributed to the evolution of its products.

Starting from the existing concept, currently implemented in some stores, we worked with Colmar on the design of the new flagship store in Milan, with the aim of adding a new level of story able to attract and engage visitors. 
Through some tailor-made design elements, integrated into the flagship project, we brought the brand’s history to life, created a connection with its key locations and generated an interactive experience.

cba work Colmar flagship history wall

History wall

Colmar’s history has always been characterized by an indissoluble link between sports and style. Over the past hundred years, its photographic archive has been filled with iconic images narrating every era. These photographs, with an overlap between the heroes of the past and present, come to life inside the store through a backlit canvas print running the entire length of the space.

cba work Colmar flagship interna 01

The scanning of the wooden slats, overlapping the images, creates an interplay of perspectives where the characters are gradually revealed.

cba work Colmar flagship slider parete

Colmar flagship forecast

The world of Colmar, in addition to people, has always been about places, promoting cities and ski locations including the many flagships across Europe. A horizontal led screen, along the entire shop facade, ideally connects these locations providing a real-time forecast and air quality data.

The result is continuous and dynamic content that animates Piazza Gae Aulenti, comparing urban metropolises (such as London and Paris) to ski locations (such as Courmayeur and Cortina) that share the versatility of Colmar products.

cba-work-Colmar flagship-totem

L’elemento imprescindibile

“In case of snow Colmar”, this slogan embraces the brand’s history. A company born with snow and for the snow, but able to evolve bringing its expertise to the city and adapting to every season.
An interactive led floor, placed at the entrance of the store, recreates the visual and acoustic sensations of walking on snow, evoking Colmar’s natural habitat. An experience that is renewed with the changing seasons, from autumn foliage to spring grass.

The Colmar store experience will also be enriched by a unique narrative of its products. An integrated wall module will allow visitors to explore, through magnifying glasses, the unique details that make a Colmar garment inimitable. 

In addition to a sales space, Colmar’s flagship store has been designed to be dynamic and flexible, a place that will be animated by a calendar of events featuring ambassadors and industry experts to introduce consumers to the outdoor world.

Colmar, founded in Monza in 1923 by Irma and Mario Colombo, is an Italian clothing excellence. Over its hundred years of history, it has established itself as one of the leading companies in the world of skiing, contributing to Italy’s greatest sports successes, and in more recent history has become a lifestyle icon.