Fruttolo, Growing up well together

Business needs



We have reformulated Fruttolo’s identity in order to reinforce its significance on the market, in response to a dual need: on one hand, transmitting the product’s natural qualities and nutritional benefits with spontaneity, and on the other, stimulating children’s emotional involvement.

For a long time, Fruttolo has been the undisputed leader of its category, actually inventing a new appetising and nourishing proposal for children’s snacks, in the form of fruit-flavoured fresh cheese. In recent years, store shelves have become full of innumerable alternatives, sweet and savoury, practical and fun, making selection by consumers more complex and the competition more aggressive.

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Fruttolo’s packaging for the 2010s

work design fruttolo 01 attuale 1

In this scenario, Fruttolo has perceived the need to reformulate its identity in order to respond to a dual need: on one hand, transmit the product’s natural features with spontaneity and clearly explain the nutritional benefits linked to its content of calcium and vitamin D, and on the other hand, stimulate children’s emotional involvement. An analysis of the reference audience, namely children, shows that today the best-loved personalities have a marked character, lively and a bit “tearaway”.

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Today, the personalities best loved by children have a lively, distinctive character

work design fruttolo 02 references

This observation has led to a development in the brand character, which has changed from being a wise and caring point of reference, a sort of mother-cow, to someone with whom to share fun and games, someone with whom children can identify.

Therefore we explored different directions to devise a more companionable and amusing expression for the cow, together with a more material look, that recalls the natural world.

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Some of the exploratory work on the cow

work design fruttolo 03 esplorazioni eng

The final character becomes the expression of this change, while also guaranteeing recognisability on the shop shelf. Within the composition, the new cow plays a more important role, offering a visual depiction of the benefit of healthy growth associated with the product. The interaction with the logo also creates a stronger link and identity between the brand’s two principal assets.

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Final illustration of the brand character

work design fruttolo 04 mucca finale

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Logo before and after

work design fruttolo 05 logo

Reassurance for mothers is naturally also provided by the claims presenting the product’s nutritional qualities and benefits, which remain central and are visually simplified to give them a more logical and effective presence.

work design fruttolo 06 packshot

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The packaging before and after

work design fruttolo 07 pack before after 1

Starting from Italy, the new packaging system was subsequently implemented first in the UK and then across the entire international platform, for which we were involved in different ways according to the respective country.

In order to bring the new brand character “to life”, we also developed a complete set of illustrations, which depict it with different expressions, engaged in various activities and contexts, for use through all the brand’s communicational touch points.

work design fruttolo 08c pose

Part of the LNPF Group (Nestlè-Lactalis), Fruttolo is a brand that has been present on the Italian market since 1984, specialising in the production of fresh cheese for children.