Langosteria: rhythm, research and taste

Business needs



The construction of the Brand in the world of fine dining.

There is a place in Milan where you can feel like you are on the seashore. A relaxed atmosphere, extremely fresh raw materials, and excellent service are the ingredients put on display every day in Langosteria restaurants.

The Holding Company’s rapid growth, which has gone from three brands in Milan to a total of seven active restaurants and a dedicated delivery and home cooking service, has placed emphasis on the necessity to transform its experience in the restaurant world into a solid brand with a unique and recognisable identity. In short, it has gone from a locally renowned brand to a format ready to be exported internationally.

Langosteria before after mod

CBA has accompanied Langosteria in this period of growth, designing the identity of the Holding and the restaurants. To strengthen and lend consistency to the brand, the names of the restaurants have been simplified, defining “Langosteria” and the colour orange as common elements, chromatically transformed for the identities of the other restaurants.

2023 02 28 CBA Case History Langosteria Slide ristoranti
2023-02-07 CBA Case History Langosteria Stationery
2023-02-07 CBA Case History Langosteria Collaterals

The new visual identity is based on three distinguishing and essential elements.


An important ingredient which lends both consistency and personality to all of the means of communication. Its slender identity and the high contrast of the serifs aid with titles.

2023 02 07 CBA Case History Langosteria Tipografia


Created specially to present the world of Langosteria, with their vibrant, rich and light-hearted style, the illustrations add strength and colour to the identity, creating a refined language.
The scenes speak of lifestyle and come to life in all communication tools but also in locations and on specific applications.

2023-02-07 CBA Case History Langosteria Illustrazioni


The idea to go beyond the classic list of dishes and wines was created to be able to express all of the research and knowledge behind the ingredients that are offered at Langosteria.
The menus, renewed weekly and seasonally dedicated to a different theme, become real magazines.


Since 2019, we have been runnings the brand’s social channels in a dynamic and expressive way.
From the brand essence “The Italian beat for fine dining,” we have built an editorial plan that talks about lifestyle and, on a daily basis, conveys the surprising and never-predictable effect that characterises the Langosteria experience.
We have translated a new concept of fine dining into a narrative, both visually and identifiably, that enhances the essence of Italian cuisine with an output that is rich and unpredictable. High quality photographs, graphics, backstage videos, interactive posts, stories and daily live streams are the expressive means through which we communicate the look and feel, raw materials, and team, creating interaction with the public and maintaining positioning that is premium but close to the customer.

Langosteria Holding is a fine dining group based in Milan, founded in 2007. Led by Enrico Buonocore, Langosteria Holding is built on the values of excellence, rhythm, and contemporary Italian flair.