Gruppo Italiano Vini, The taste of summer

Business needs



By a radical restyling of the brand identity, CBA transformed what was initially just a product name into a genuine Brand, Rosé dell’Estate.

In line with evolving trends in consumption and new lifestyles, rosé wine does not so much represent an opportunity as validation for Italian wine producers, especially on the foreign markets with France leading the way.

In fact, over nine out of ten consumers drink rosé wine over the Alps and the market is estimated at a potential 36 million consumers with new habits and new expectations: mealtimes are less structured, with a tendency towards creative and international cuisine, less formality around the table and a more relaxed approach toward eating.

Gruppo Italiano Vini, Italy’s leading wine producer and among the largest groups worldwide in terms of production and sale of wine, asked us to rebrand their rosé selection, Rosé dell’Estate, for the French hotel and catering industry with a radical restyling of the brand identity that included the addition of a sparkling wine to the range. The idea was to transform what was initially just a product name into a genuine Brand that would stand out uniquely from the competition.

CBA GIV Rose Estate 2016 07

Analysis of the market and consumers highlighted a generally younger and female consumer base. The Brand’s values (summer and Italian origins) required a visual metaphor that would convey these values in a fresh and contemporary way. The stripy beach umbrella therefore became the focus of the product’s visual identity and is even used as the label. The bottles are characterised by a hexagonal label, which is simply the umbrella seen from above, with the addition of the shadow to the right. The edge is decorated with stripes that change colour depending on the wine. The stripe pattern is then also found on the seals and reinforces the idea of summer ‘at the marina’.