Lynfa: learning forward

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The identity for Sella Group’s new Corporate Academy: an open community that becomes the main driver for personal and professional development.

Training, innovation, networking, growth, open community. These are the keywords underlying the branding project developed by CBA for the Corporate Academy of Sella Group.

Lynfa represents a new way of learning and improvement, which is why it needed a bold, innovative brand language capable of representing the drive for innovation and continuous improvement that is the basis for the project and the company’s philosophy.

Continuous education is now a key driver in personal and professional development, and from this concept, the name Lynfa was born, which immediately evokes the continuous and vital nourishment that enables development and growth. It encompasses both hard and soft skills training, intended as an additional tool to enhance corporate culture, sense of belonging, and employer branding leverage.

A dynamic brand in constant motion, where each letter is connected and related to the others. The chosen typography, thanks to the detail of the letters (especially in the parts dedicated to ink traps), combines two semantic areas: that of growth, of “blooming,” with a more technological and innovation-oriented aspect.

The brand language is not only visual but also auditory. Colors, textures, editorial grid, sound design, and tone of voice contribute to creating a recognizable and consistently cohesive identity. A well-coded language that allows Lynfa to preside over different communication contexts with simplicity and flexibility.

work design lynfa 04 wall
work design lynfa 05 vetrofaniaA
work design lynfa 05 totemB

The tagline “Learning forward” speaks of growth and an ongoing journey. It is always presented with the two words separated from each other, as if inserted on a timeline.

work design lynfa 06 totebag
work design lynfa 07 adv 2

In addition to developing the strategy, naming, and visual identity, we also took care of the implementation of digital tools. Both User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) were designed with the user’s needs at the center, facilitating their growth process through intuitive and engaging learning.

work design lynfa 07 appA4
work design lynfa 08 appB

CBA has managed to infuse into Lynfa's identity what we at Radical HR mean by building a corporate academy: combining high-value content, technology for the learning experience, and the ability to attract present and future employees of the company. Lynfa is the idea that training must become continuous and vital.

Sella Group is the largest private and independent Italian banking group. With over 5,000 people in 7 countries and 300 branches throughout Italy, Sella covers various financial areas: commercial and retail banking, private and wealth management, corporate & investment banking, payment systems, open banking, and information technology services.