Modus: eating, simply

Business needs



Defining the format and visual identity of the new business project of chef and pizza maker Paolo De Simone

How do you enter a market, like that of Milan, already saturated with restaurants and pizzerias?

The phrase “Milano da bere” (Drinking Milan) was already famous in the 1980s, and over the years the food and wine offerings in the Milan area have become ever wider. When Paolo De Simone, a well-established pizza maker and restaurateur from Campania, decided to open a restaurant in Milan, we studied a new format together, capable of enhancing the points of difference of his offerings compared to what was already on the market.

To do this, we thoroughly analyzed the story of Paolo De Simone: his farmer origins, his bond with his land, Cilento, his entrepreneurial experience as a baker, the many awards he received, and his cordial and affable personality.


All this led us to imagine a concept of catering that would go beyond the typical Campania pizzeria and instead tell the uniqueness of his vision. A journey through the unique flavors of his land, interpreted with a personal and innovative spirit, attentive to the requests of an increasingly demanding public.

The developed name, MODUS, represents just this: Paolo’s way of doing, made of tradition and know-how, but also of courage and experimentation. The tagline “semplice mangiare” (eating, simply) clarifies the nature of the offer, while the descriptor “la pizza secondo Paolo De Simone” (pizza according to Paolo De Simone) highlights Paolo’s vision, reaffirming his unique modus operandi.


The visual identity

Starting from the name, we then developed the whole visual identity, creating a balance between the tradition of Cilento culture and a refined and elegant experience. The genetic heritage is conceptualized through the stylization of DNA, a fil rouge that unites both graphic elements and physical space. The engraved illustrations, which refer to a rural universe, find their counterpart in a sophisticated color palette, aimed at creating an immersion in a refined environment. The entire architectural part, from the choice of materials to the finishes, has also been carefully followed, to ensure a coherent and memorable experience.

cba work modus 05 poster 03
cba work modus 05 poster 02
cba work modus 05 poster 01
cba work modus 06 Sala
cba-work-modus-07-DNA parete

In addition to the illustrations of ingredients and tools, we also created illustrations of people in the act of preparation, to provide a more complete and empathic account of the dishes.

No aspect of the work was overlooked, from Paolo’s signature on the pizza plate to the design of the uniforms, and the writing of all the storytelling, which can be found in the introduction of the menu, an ideal tool to bring the verbal narrative to life.

cba work modus 09 Piatto
cba work modus 10 menu
cba work modus 11 menu

The part relating to cocktails, another unique feature in the Modus offer and curated by Antonio Rosato (former bartender of the Mandarin Hotel), sees a dedicated menu, with a different color and format, accompanied by a series of double-sided coasters that reflect the narrative theme of the restaurant.

cba work modus 14 Sottobicchieri2

Delivery, an increasingly important sector for catering, has also seen our involvement. The packaging was designed in such a way as to create a coherent story even at home, referring to the visual experience lived on site.

cba work modus 15 Packaging
cba work modus 16 Pack 02
cba work modus 16 Pack 03 2

The packaging of the pizza, which sees the tomato as the protagonist, has been combined with that of the fried foods, where the different subjects tell the variety of the offer and the genuineness of the raw material.

The entire design, which involved even the smallest details, was guided keeping in mind not only the physical experience, but also the customers’ desire to share, who, thanks to their many ideas, became brand ambassadors themselves through social networks.

A nice “Modus” to create an all-round brand involvement.

cba work modus 18 Instagam2

Paolo De Simone is an established chef, pizza maker and entrepreneur from Campania, already active in the restaurant business with the “Storie di pane” project.