Is your brand reaching its true potential?

Discover 360 Brand Performance and reestablish your business growth.

In the current volatile and uncertain business climate, even the most experienced leaders can feel overwhelmed. If you’re looking for ways to boost your brand’s performance, CBA B+G has the answer: 360 Brand Performance.

Based on an intelligent combination of business design and deep data analysis, we deliver customized and actionable solutions that serve as a guide to improve your brand’s performance.

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Explore the Six Strategic Angles of 360 Brand Performance

Our transformative approach dives into six essential angles that maximize results and promote growth. We identify gaps and propose interconnected action plans to build a strategic roadmap for your brand’s success.

  • Business: Identify areas of your business model with potential for improvement to make it more sustainable.
  • Market: Discover hidden opportunities in your market and define your brand’s strategic position.
  • Brand: Affirm your unique identity by strengthening the connection with your customers.
  • Portfolio: Optimize your portfolio of products or services to effectively meet market needs.
  • Activation: Communicate in a impactful and relevant way with your target audience.
  • Channels: Develop a powerful distribution strategy to bring your products or services to customers.

360 Brand Performance is for you if…

You are a marketing, innovation, or product manager, or a company leader looking to effectively prioritize performance optimization and make informed investments. We provide a personalized and actionable guide for:

  • Entrepreneurs seeking accelerated and consistent growth in new ventures or spin-offs.
  • Brands aiming to boost their performance and accelerate their trajectory.
  • Businesses needing to recharge and maintain their market performance.
  • Companies requiring internal reinvention to recover their business.
Stay one step ahead of the competition and avoid paralysis caused by information overload. Are you ready to boost your brand performance?

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