The world has changed, and so have we. Aware of the importance of engaging and taking social action, we decided to revisit our internal policies and make lasting commitments in all ESG spheres, to contribute, within our scope, to build a better world.

After all, we exist to provoke transformative interactions that evolve businesses and touch lives. And transformation needs to take place, firstly, from the inside out. So, below we present our 7 transformative goals in the Environmental, Social and Governance spheres – aligned with the goals of the UN Global Compact – to which we are signatories.

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Promote a new consumption awareness inside and outside CBA B+G.

As we work directly with consumer goods industry, this is where our operations can have the greatest impact, being, therefore, our major cause.

We are carbon neutral: we have signed a partnership with the carbon neutral program Idesam to offset the impact of our operations (2021 inventory) on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, equivalent to nearly 10 tons of carbon. Through the program, the institute will plant 28 trees that will contribute to the reforestation of the Uatumã Sustainable Development Reserve (AM). The plantations follow the agroforestry system, which in addition to compensating for CO2 emissions, promotes income generation and food security for local riverside families.

We realize that society’s current consumption patterns are wrong. To fight structural consumption, as we call it, we will implement educational initiatives to foster ecological responsibility throughout our entire value chain. Our partnership with eureciclo, an organization that promotes the development of the recycling chain in Brazil, will help us in this regard.

Our business vision is to offer services and means to assist our customers in their sustainable journey, working increasingly with brands and projects that embrace this cause, such as Qualy, Raízes do Campo, Colgate Natural Extracts and Braskem I’m Green.


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Keep on empowering entities that work with populations in vulnerable situation, through the UNA Program.

We will expand the UNA program, offering several institutions a data intelligence tool to better map the vulnerabilities of people served.

The initiative, which was born during the pandemic, has already been implemented in 6 NGOs in São Paulo (among them, Programa Jaguaré Caminhos, Meninas em Campo and Centro Comunitário Irmão André), impacting more than 3000 people and their families. Read more about it here.

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Ensure equal opportunities and reduce inequalities in outcomes.

Reach 40% representativeness for other ethnicities, mainly black people, and increase the participation of non-binary genders and people with special needs.

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Ensure gender equality in leadership positions and at all levels of decision-making.

Reach 30% female leadership on the board of directors and continue promoting actions and debates to achieve greater gender equity.

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Improve employee wellbeing.

We will continue to encourage discussion on the impact of the officeless business model, adopted definitively by CBA B+G in 2021, and we will expand preventive healthcare initiatives, among other measures.


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Increase transparency at all levels of the company.

We will constantly improve the mechanisms and tools for managing communication and ethical conduct.

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Encourage our value chain to adopt good ESG practices.

We will implement the program Cadeia Transformadora (Transformative Chain) by 2030, to support the evolution of ESG criteria along our value chain.

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