I’m green™: the development of a brand mark into a Mastebrand





Braskem’s product portfolio expansion on behalf of Circular Economy, based on its already recognized I’m green™brand mark

Braskem’s renewably sourced polyethylene – a result of the combination of innovation, technology and sustainable development – was conceived to promote a better impact to the environment.

In line with the company’s commitment to Circular Economy, the I’m green™ bio-based plastic resin, produced from a renewable raw-material – sugar cane –, is now considered a business opportunity, due to the product’s contribution in reducing carbon footprint.

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Exploitation of resources

To start the brand repositioning, our team’s first move was to explore. We studied the category in-depth, analyzed the brand history up to the present moment and – a particularly important step – we interviewed several of the brand stakeholders – from Braskem’s employees, clients, to recycling companies.

During this phase of study, we dived deep into the company’s portfolio of circular economy related products with renewable and recycled source solutions, and a point got very clear: why not join these resins in a single portfolio, combining the quality of their deliveries?

This idea stood as a key point in the next phase of the project when we in fact started to build the brand’s new strategic positioning. Based on the fact that I’m green™ is already a recognized brand in the market, acknowledged by the partners that promote this chain, moreover presenting an innovative feature, why not take advantage of its own brand to expand the scope, making it represent Braskem’s portfolio of products with a Circular Economy approach?

Sprint Lab

With the survey inputs at hand, the next step of the project was to answer the question: Ok, but how are we going to make it happen? What is the best way to enlarge the portfolio and how should we handle each solution? To solve the challenge, we held a Sprint Lab workshop. For two days, we and Braskem’s team of professionals from all over the world have worked collaboratively, developing together the new portfolio architecture, with an expanded brand identity and new visual routes to be explored.

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Reorganizing the portfolio

To highlight the strong points of the existing products from renewable and recyclable sources and their similar values, aligned with the Circular Economy, we have started by defining the purpose, personality, and essence of Braskem’s set of offers. At this point, our strategy and design teams worked closely together. For all to understand how to deal with the brands as a whole, we have created visual prototypes to make possible changes – as well as their impact – tangible. These prototypes were then presented in a survey conducted with clients and partners, to capture their feelings about the new organization of the brand’s portfolio, where I’m green™ featured as a Masterbrand and, under it, stood the products from bio-based and recycled sources.

A masterbrand

In order to add force to I’m green™’s identity, a verbal language was established based on the new strategic settings. Purpose and essence were the foundation for the definition of the key messages and the brand’s tone of voice. The Masterbrand visual identity was updated, and products sub-brands were created to work together with the existing visual concept. Moreover, the look & feel was developed to design a more modern and updated portfolio. The verbal and visual work has culminated with the creation of the products’ Brand Guidelines and the Brand Book for I’m green™ Masterbrand.

The official launch of the new Masterbrand and the products sub-brands was announced at the end of 2019, at K Trade Fair, an important fair for the plastic and rubber industry that takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany. So, with a renewed look and purpose, I’m green™ was reintroduced to the global Market, leveraging Braskem’s presence with sustainable solutions and reinforcing the company’s commitment to Circular Economy.

Note: the content of this text refers to CBA B+G case created for I’m green™.

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