Turning Qualy into a love brand





New purpose, new identity and brand expansion

Qualy, which has an established track record of more than 30 years, is already Brazilian’s favorite margarine brand, and wants to go further. Its next achievement? Embrace the role of love brand and expand its product offering, meeting the needs of consumers in different occasions and categories.

To build its new journey, Qualy relied on our strategic support and expertise in branding and design, from end to end. After establishing clear guidelines for the brand, we reorganized its portfolio architecture, rebuilt the identity of existing lines and designed possible extensions that could be launched in the future.

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Strategic vision and re-signified purpose

First, we reflected on what is a love brand. We are talking about brands that have an attentive look towards their consumers, and generate such an emotional, almost intimate connection, that turns them into fans. That is, love brands transcend their commercial role in such a way, that consumers identify with the brand’s values and beliefs.

Based on that, we built up the brand strategic vision highlighting eight stances that it must assume to win the consumer’s heart. A thorough and deep research led us to redefine the current purpose, enhancing what drives the brand and expanding its positive impact on the world and people.

Therefore, three social commitments were included in the brand’s strategy, which reflect existing initiatives and others still in progress:

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*Beyond the fact of being recyclable and reusable, through its partnership with eureciclo (learn more about the organization that is also our partner), Qualy today is the first margarine brand to offset 100% of its packaging in Brazil.

New brand architecture and creation of sub-brands

To define the new brand architecture, we followed a comprehensive approach that included an in-depth investigation into the category, a Squad Lab (our collaborative prototyping lab) with Qualy, and quantitative research to validate consumer hypotheses.

Once the concept of “spreadability” was established as a common thread – in reference to the brand’s unique creaminess and purpose – we reorganized the brand’s offer, designed a portfolio strategy to strengthen Qualy’s attributes and built the new key features to undertake this journey. The new sub-brands, which include new products in addition to spreads, will be gradually introduced to consumers.

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Renewed identity to spread the best of Qualy

After having defined clearly the brand purpose, personality, values and architecture, we set out to refresh the parent brand identity. The “cleaner” and more contemporary proposal conveys the margarine spread effect in the brand’s different applications.  The new tone of voice achieves a more friendly and optimistic brand expression. The logo has been modernized to feature more subtly, and the color palette was updated and softened. To illustrate its environmental responsibility, the eureciclo seal appears on the side of the product, along with a QR Code that provides additional information about the partnership. 

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Welcome Qualy Vegê

Within the various sub-brands and extensions that will reach the market, we set up a value and naming proposal for the new Qualy plant-based, with the challenge of making tangible the expanded strategy of the brand, which now has a positive impact not only on people but also on the planet.

The Vegê line, whose name straightforwardly conveys healthiness, is the first Brazilian margarine made only with natural ingredients – it has no artificial preservatives, no lactose, no milk derivatives and no hydrogenated fat. 

With a new purpose that embraces social and environmental aspects, a renewed offer, and relevant changes, Qualy reaffirms its commitment to best meet Brazilians’ needs, fully fulfilling its role as a love brand.

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