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The evolution of Braskem’s visual and verbal identity

Founded in 2002, with innovative DNA and strategic business vision, Braskem is a global petrochemical company whose purpose is to improve people’s lives by creating sustainable chemical and plastic solutions.

CBA B+G – Braskem’s long-time partner – was responsible for the strategic repositioning to evolve the brand, in 2017. Recently, we partnered again to carry out an extensive and complete update of the brand’s visual identity and to further develop its verbal identity.

Based on the brand’s essence and purpose expression – and on Braskem’s unique territory, which provided clarity about the brand’s core values – the challenge was to detail its visual and verbal identity. The design of the evolved identity embraced different perspectives, engaging the branding and communication teams of the company and our team in an intense and detailed work that gained a dedicated space and global access: the Brand Center Braskem.


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Brand Center Braskem

The Brand Center is a global platform that ensures brand consistency, adding value to the company. The new website developed contains all the assets, guides and guidelines of the Masterbrand and its sub-brands.

The brand evolution process included the refreshment of its visual identity: colors, shapes, typography, textures, useful illustrations for daily business use, image bank, icons, photographic style, templates. Each brand element is available in toolkits and application guides, that function as user-friendly brand tools, providing internal and external alignment on brand positioning.

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To wrap up the in-depth branding project, we created and detailed Braskem’s verbal identity, based on the brand’s personality and attributes: innovative and transformative attitude, commitment to sustainability, to the planet, and to people. From these values, we built the tone of voice and key messages of the brand, which sound empowering, bold, courageous, and engaging. With real-world examples of expressions, phrases and words, the verbal identity guide demonstrates how language communicates the brand’s positioning and highlights its personality, bringing it closer to the people who are involved in its ecosystem, including communities, partners and governments.

For us, this project represents a partnership that prepares the brand for the coming years. For Braskem, it means strengthening its positioning as a human-oriented and forward-thinking brand, taking present action, strengthening its purpose of being a company that builds strong relationships and creates value for everyone. All visual and verbal elements must serve this positioning.

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