The rich taste of home





Peruvian art, taste and pride

Alacena is the leading brand of sauces in Peru, with more than 20 years in the market and much appreciated by Peruvians, valued for its quality and taste.

To celebrate the Bicentenary of Peru, the brand has decided to launch limited editions in its portfolio of sauces, products in which they are absolute market leaders. Our CBA B+G Lima team was called to the mission and we were all very proud to participate, as we regard this movement as proof of our role as a global partner that understands and translates into creative projects the local needs of each client.


Taste & art: national values

To create the new commemorative editions, we looked for inspiration in Peruvian cultural manifestations, from gastronomy to artistic expressions. We looked for a solution composed of different visual stories, at a cross between celebration and brand concept, respecting the positioning already built by Alacena.

Thus, to celebrate the date, the creative concept of the new packaging of Alacena hot sauces unites flavor and art, genuine elements that reinforce the identity and the cultural richness of the country. This is the true national pride, a richly diverse country that struggles to remain so in the future.

rect head octane

Qura and Saya

We then researched local artists and invited two illustrators to illustrate the values of Peruvian culture and the richness of its land in the new packaging.

For this purpose, we defined a visual structure. In addition to valuing the sauces and their ingredients with photographs that highlight naturalness, we have created a kind of canvas on the packaging, a space for each artist to express their creativity. On the back are the stories about the meaning of each of the products’ names:

  • Qura – which means plant, and represents the abundance of the Earth and all that it offers.
  • Saya – feminine name that comes from the word Sayay, which means ‘to stand’, a strong homeland that defends itself erect.

A tribute to real Peru and its culture, the greatest heritage that a nation can have.

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