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CBA partnered with Puffy Love to create the brand and visual identity for the launch.
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Petcare brand CAfune was introduces to the Turkey market as Puffy Love. Puffy Love is a caring, parent & pet-centric pet care brand. Puffy Love focuses on pets, your houses, your home and environment; but always puts pets first. To meet the unique and different than ours needs of our pets, Puffy Love creates formulas which are light, natural and reduced of chemicals. To reduce environmental waste and create a positive impact; Puffy Love introduces recycled packaging to their portfolio. Aimed to improve the care taking ways for our pets, Puffy Love needed a visual side. CBA partnered with Puffy Love for creating a visual identity system and packaging design.

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For the brand’s launch in Turkey, CBA needed to create new brand and visual identities. It was critical to create an identity that immediately would create a warm, cozy and loving perception, while ensuring maximum respectability, trustworthiness. A touch of ‘medical’ look & feel was important to win the hearts of vets as well. While creating the naming and the visual identity, CBA had to focus on staying close to trends while staying true to the brand identity. As the products are unique, the designs had to be unique and interesting as well. All of the products serve a different purpose, yet are so similar. CBA had to keep the range feeling while differentiating each product from one another.

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CBA found the right balance between a friendly, cozy and yet a trustworthy, premium design to convey the right message across all touchpoints. From naming to development of the visual identity system, CBA took inspiration from the mutual love and care pets & parents have for each other! Simple, yet beautiful patterns were used for each product, with different shapes, complimenting the essence of the product. The functions of the products were supported via uniquely created illustrations of pets and objects. These illustrations were colored with pastel colors. These colors were chosen to feel cozy and modern at the same time. The visual identity system was built around brand’s values and purpose. The designs were supported with QR codes, aiming to be a part of the rapidly growing online shopping and interactive packaging trends.

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