Burger King

The real “Burger House”






CBA create for Burger King a new identity and a vibrant retail architecture for an extraordinary restaurant experience

/ background

The "American Home Spirit "

After 15 years, CBA Retail accompanies Burger King in its ambitious re-launching strategy.

In order to support the recent development of the brand after the acquisition of Quick chain, CBA has worked on building the new Burger King concept for the French market. Generosity of the offer and authentic American DNA are put at the core of the interior & exterior concept. 

/ true vision
    Illustrate the American welcoming posture.
    Cultivate the 50’s nostalgia well assumed.
    Display an uninhibited and daring attitude.
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/ creative expression

The American storytelling alongside the burger manifesto is powerfully told, to ensure the brand values. A collection of stamps clearly states the brand engagement. In the wake of the social media communication, the tone of voice is uninhibited and triggers customers attention. 

This new concept allows consumers to discover the Burger King myth thanks to a brand wall that embodies the unique living legend of Burger King.

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Burger King
at home

In order to reinvent the consumer’s experience on site and revitalize the appeal of the restaurant, CBA implemented an innovative “At home” Burger King concept with the installation of “Do it yourself” tables and digital order terminal.”

2021 07 21 Typography Univers 4

The drive-in becomes the prime route and acquires complete services through an assisted path (clarification of the 3 stages and easen navigation). A 100% client oriented approach allows Burger King to streamline circulation flow and optimize ordering at self-order kiosks. Therefore improving customer comfort (Countdown, Bingo orders, slot machines burger). A 100% client oriented plan to streamline circulation and provide comfort to customers.