The mill of Napoli






A redesign of the brand and the study of the packaging, to communicate the extraordinary gastronomic richness and the strong bond with the territory.

A project with its heart in the visual and culinary traditions of Campania.

Caputo is the Mill of Napoli. It exists at the very heart of the Campania’s greatculinary culture and the Art of Baking and makes flour for all purposes: frompizza to desserts, from bakery products to fresh pasta. Since 1924, it hassustained this tradition by respecting the values that have made it into apoint of reference in the sector: tradition, knowledge and experience.

In the industry, the brand is nowadays most well-known for the quality of its flours, made with artisanal wheat processing inspired by ancient and traditional principles and combined with innovative and avant-garde production techniques.

This offers a great opportunity for the company: its transformation into a unique brand, characterised by close bonds with tradition and the local area, representative of itself and offering the very best ingredients to both sector professionals and fans of baking.

CBA Caputo Marchio prima e dopo

The first step was therefore to define a strong and distinctive positioning on the market, working from the brand’s cardinalvalues and reinforcing the brand promise: Mulino Caputo is the Neapolitan mill.This concept is primarily expressed through the brand restyling. There has been a reduction at a semantic level, for increased impact and immediacy, andcomplete redevelopment at a visual level to enhance its expressive strength andbond with the traditions of the Campania region.

Works Caputo Single Image Mood 01
Works Caputo Single Image Mood 02
2022 01 18 Caputo Lineup GDO

We then developed a language to represent the brand and its products to consumers and sector professionals. Neapolitan spontaneity, abundance and variety are transformed into visualelements that make the packaging into a ‘manifesto’ for the city of Naples.

2022 01 18 Caputo Before After

Bright colours, overlapping elements and folkloristic illustrations act as a guide for the different types of flour as well as representing the lively nature and joie de vivre so typical of the local Neapolitan residents and architecture. The illustrations of traditional dishes express the flavours and gastronomic bounty of the area.

Works Caputo Single Image Trittico 01

To confirm the experience of a Neapolitan brand, we’ve realized a deck of cards thought which we tell the values of Caputo. The deck represents a unusual commercial instrument that reinforces the connection between the brand and the local area.

CBA Caputo Carte
caputo 4
Works Caputo Single Image ADV 01
Works Caputo Single Image ADV 02

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