Inventing tomorrow’s Cojean






CBA supports the Cojean brand in the reinvention of its restaurant located at the CNIT in La Défense, Paris.
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Inventing tomorrow's Cojean

In its quest for perpetual reinvention and in order to modernize and renew its existing retail concept at the CNIT, the brand called on the CBA teams. 

The idea? To restore Cojean’s image as a pioneer in the sector, both in terms of quality on the plate and in the dining areas, by giving the restaurant, located in La Défense, its own identity.

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Reaffirming the brand and its values

In order to bring a significant differentiation to the restaurant, the agency had to address several issues in the reinvention of the Cojean at CNIT:  

  • Bringing more diversity in the brand’s expression to the venue  
  • Bringing more warmth to this retail space  
  • Resolve some issues in the customer journey, both in terms of signage and product display 

CBA’s approach was therefore to reaffirm the brand and its values throughout the whole journey. In order to meet the new expectations of consumers in terms of space layout, the agency made a point of developing zones with different atmospheres, thus creating a unique and flexible experience.  

A brand identity reaffirmed throughout the journey

The agency decided to highlight Cojean’s values throughout the site in order to establish its strong commitments as an integral part of the site and its identity.  

Thus, a graphic work was initiated:  

  • The brand’s values expressed on the walls  
  • The permanent communication items have also been reworked: signage, pictograms, etc.  

Beyond the visual identity system and the graphic design, the agency also pulled the thread of the brand’s encodants into the choice of materials and furnishings, thus creating a unique and proprietary brand experience. As an example, a ceramic mosaic -decorative element on the floor- was custom designed in a workshop in eastern France. The pattern of this mosaic reflects the colors of Cojean’s visual identity and brings dynamism and serenity to the place.  

Furthermore, one of CBA’s challenges was to enhance the offer and make it easier for the customer to understand. To this end, digital technology has been integrated into the retail concept with screens that allow consumers to find what they are looking for in a very simple way.  

Different zones, different atmospheres

CBA has evolved the architectural concept by keeping the same materials -Made In France- but playing with it in order to create several atmospheres. With 4 to 5 materials, the agency succeeded in bringing sophistication to the place. The challenge was also to find solutions to overcome the constraints of the site such as ventilation ducts that crossed the place and gave very low ceilings, thus considerably reducing the luminosity of the space.  

1. A dynamic food court for meals on the go 

This seating area, already existing in the place, has been reworked and optimized. In order to adapt the luminosity of the space according to the time of day, the refrigerated furniture and the counters are equipped with bulbs that change 3 to 4 times during the day.  

2. A protected break bubble in the dynamic restoration area  

Thanks to a custom-made table d’hôte, unique and reflecting the French know-how #MadeInFrance, the agency created a comfortable space where it is possible to eat while escaping for a lunch break.  In order to isolate this bubble from the dynamic sales and dining area, the table d’hôte is separated by walnut and chrome screens -natural and noble materials used by Cojean in these retail spaces.  

The table, 2m40 in diameter on a 300kg fluted concrete rock, uses the materials used in the structure of the CNIT. The idea here was to be able to play with the existing materials so as not to distort the place. Around the table were added 14 stools in solid walnut designed to provide maximum comfort to customers by perfectly fitting the shape of their back.  

3. A corridor where the reflections in the mirrors bring light, depth and modernity 

To connect these rooms together, the client crosses a corridor with a wall and ceiling mirror that creates depth to the space. This interplay of materials creates a cozy atmosphere and airs the space thanks to the reflections in the mirrors that erase the cavernous bottleneck of the original space.

 4. A small lounge for these new workers, adept of nomadism and in search of cocooning and warm places  

A new area has been developed to create a lounge on the parvi side with :  

  • A work of claustras in chromed steel wire
  • A vegetal library to bring serenity and good smells from the garden: sage, thyme and wheat. 
  • Furniture chosen to bring comfort and warmth to consumers: sofas, a seating design that contrasts with the swivel stools in the dynamic food court, etc.  

Products and packaging that reflect the brand’s identity

Finally, the brand experience was applied to the packaging of Cojean’s grocery products. Coffee, granola, etc., were given a facelift, bringing freshness, novelty and pep.  

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