Coralar: Balancing quality and economy





New positioning, same quality 

Coralar, the economic paint brand of the Akzo Nobel group, one of the main players in the paint and coating sector and present in over 150 countries, underwent a complete branding project, carried out by the CBA B+G team. The main purpose was to unlock the value for both brands of the company, Coral and Coralar, and to clarify the role each one plays, making Coralar more independent, but without eliminating the relationship with Coral. 

One of the main goals of the project was to clarify for users the purpose of each brand, as the two were confused by many. Thus, we conducted quali and quanti research with painters, consumers and clerks at the brand’s specialized stores to validate positioning hypotheses, understand the best relationship between the Coral and Coralar brands, explore concepts and evaluate the creative routes, along with the elements that compose them. 

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Endorsed independence 

Coralar has become a brand, no longer a product line. It gained more prominence, but still with discreet endorsement of Coral brand. The new brand strategy encompassed a reorganization of product lines, changing the name of each product, its claims and benefits, with the mission of simplifying information and facilitating consumer’s understanding, bringing clarity to the applicability and performance of each paint.  

Simple and straightforward portfolio 

Coralar’s new visual identity assumes green as the new proprietary color and background panel for the packaging of all varieties of the brand. A house shape was created as its proprietary and iconic element. On the packaging, it expresses each variety through vibrant colors, bringing modernity, along with a composition of images that evokes different ambiences. 

For product information, name and applicability come first, followed by the main benefit aiming to make consumer’s navigation through the portfolio simpler and uncomplicated. 

Balancing quality and economy  

The new positioning of Coralar places the brand as functional, seeking to democratize the category by offering affordable painting solutions and proven Coral quality, in addition to facilitating the lives of consumers with a complete portfolio and clarity of information. 

Thus Coralar, the economic segment leading brand, is positioned as a partner that offers the right balance between quality and economy for those who want to renew their ambiences and homes.