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CBA collaborated with BIC on the creative journey, defining the brand and visual identity of BIC Intensity™. An identity that was then rolled out on packaging and supported by a digital activation campaign.
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Drawing as if no one were watching

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Drawing as if no one were watching

BIC was founded with a pen and a vision: to challenge convention to provide effortless, high-quality, affordable writing. Through creative innovation and simplification, BIC has made the art of writing accessible to all.

With BIC intensity ™, the brand aims to bring creativity into consumers’ lives and empower them to draw like no one is watching.

CBA agency was invited to collaborate with BIC intensity on the creative journey, defining the brand and visual identity that bring to life the brand’s positioning of “drawing like no one is watching” in a unique, relevant and exciting way.

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In order to translate the brand’s positioning into a coherent and relevant design ecosystem, the agency had to:

  • Translate “draw like no one is watching” into a simple image worth a thousand words
  • Redefine the brand identity and give it meaning
  • Bring the visual identity to life through a coherent ecosystem and all the touch points along the consumer journey
  • Working through a creative and strategic process that has been developed hand in hand with our clients (based in the US and Paris).
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Free your creative spark

At CBA, we rethought the “creative spark of inspiration” by reinforcing the meaning behind it to meet BIC’s positioning and master the brand’s DNA of “joyful simplicity”.

BIC Intensity LOGO 02
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The redesign of the brand logo has a bolder impact with the Y representing the tip of the pen. The creative spark still starts from the pen, freeing up a field of possibilities while allowing creative explorers to begin their own artistic journey. We are the flame, the creative process is the journey, whatever the outcome.

The majority of our products are designed and manufactured with care by our designers to create a tailor-made communication.

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BIC Intensity on digital

The brand identity is strong and distinctive and carries the creative spark. CBA took the visual identity a step further and amplified it outside the pack, in a digital campaign.

In order to bring the brand positioning to life, CBA staged 3 everyday situations, listening to 3 characters and their creative journey inspired by BIC Intensity.

  • To illustrate these concepts, CBA drew the storyboards in pencil, making sure that the products as well as the people were also highlighted in the story.
  • The agency collaborated with Julien Frappa, a Parisian illustrator, to create the custom illustrations that bring each story to life in a unique way.
  • A unique musical soundtrack, called “INTENSITY”, was created by musician and artist Nino Vella.
  • Finally, the 3 videos were produced in collaboration with CHIIPS, our production studio partner.
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