Happy to e-move





From the partnership between Enel X Way and Volkswagen comes the widest network of ultra-fast distributed charging in Italy: Ewiva.

How can we create a brand that, thanks to its capillarity, speed and ease of use, aims to be a key player in electric mobility? To do this, we supported Enel X Way and Volkswagen in a strategic design process from its early stages.

The analysis work, conducted by Kantar, highlighted the desire of people to feel free from thoughts and apparent difficulties related to traveling in electric vehicles. An insight that helped to build a solid and consistent strategic platform, keeping the needs of the target well in mind.

We then worked by placing the benefit of freedom of movement at the center of the brand’s narrative, defining a distinctive identity for the e-mobility sector.

work ewiva 01 mood square

From this came the development of an energetic, enthusiastic, carefree naming: Ewiva.
(In Italian the word “evviva” means “cheers,  hooray”)

An exclamation that becomes a synthesis of the positioning and expression of the brand’s personality. The Italian sound, linked to the Enel group, is graphically elaborated with the “W” of Volkswagen, to reiterate the strategic connection of the two partners.

Starting from the logo, we built a visual identity that conveyed the lively and exuberant character of the brand. A logo designed on the basis of sinuous geometries, which graphically synthesizes the charging cable and the infinite possibilities of movement that the new reality offers.

Happiness is electric.

The shape of the logo becomes the foundation of the visual language: an electric wave always in motion, fluid and accessible. A metaphor that describes how Ewiva is able to make every movement simple and, ultimately, without limitations or negative experiences.

The visual language is enriched by a radiant photographic style, in which the benefit is at the center of the narrative and marks a direct relationship with people. The tone of voice, warm and friendly, is translated into a series of simple messages that leverage the brand’s promise, avoiding notions that are too technical and complex.

work ewiva 04 adv ambient3
work ewiva 05 adv ambient2
work ewiva 06 adv

The choice of colours also contributes to the brand’s storytelling: an energetic, sunny color palette that accompanies an equally lively and friendly animated language.

All communication tools, both physical and digital, were designed with the goal of building a consistent, but at the same time dynamic, visual identity capable of telling the uniqueness of a brand that makes stopping only a bad memory.

Happy to e-move, Ewiva.

Ewiva is a joint venture between Enel X Way and the Volkswagen Group, created to accelerate the country’s transition to electric mobility by building the largest high-power charging network in Italy, open to all service providers of charging services.