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Fanta Fest 2023






Design of the new visual identity system for Fanta Fest 2023. A distinctive, timeless and iconic graphic ecosystem that reflects the spirit of the festival and the plurality of the moments that take place in it.

A fresh new visual identity for an iconic festival and a timeless brand.

Fanta Fest is a music festival held in Turkey and is considered one of the most popular and beloved festivals in the country. Taking place during the summer, this is an event young people make sure not to miss out.

Over the years, a variety of experiences have grown within the festival, which now has become much more than a set of concerts. To ensure the on-going evolution of its value proposition, a new visual system was needed to allow it to expand consistently by keeping the essence of the brand alive. Thus, for its 2023 edition Fanta needed a flexible but consistent global identity language that is adaptable over time and across all types of media. 

01FantaFest by CBA

Fanta Fest is all about painting the grey in our lives and enjoying every second to the fullest.

Because life is about new sensations, fun vibrations and unleashing creativity. Even more so during the summer, when we let our worries go and bring in all the positive energy of the sun, the music and our friends.

The design had to showcase this mood through an iconic concept that represented the festival’s visual universe and generated a genuine connection with its young audience. To do so, we explored the idea of ‘Flavour Explosion’. An invitation through the immense depths of colours and flavours. Fantasy, tastiness, intensity and vibrancy. We expanded the storytelling of fun and excitement, so we could taste colours, and see flavours.

02FantaFest by CBA

From the creative concept set as a starting point, we built on the new graphic, chromatic, typographic, iconographic, photographic and illustrative codes, always maintaining coherence with the essence of the Fanta brand. This complementary visual language gains prominence and expands dynamically through a diversity of key touchpoints: from the stage to the social media attitude, packaging or point of sale materials, among others.

Elements such as the logotype, designed for the previous edition, the bottle-shaped icon or the primary colour palette ensure Fanta’s recognition through all visual ecosystems.

Additionally, we endowed the festival with a unique personality through a flexible secondary palette of bright colours that express the youthful sensation.

06FantaFest by CBA 1

This results in an overall modular visual system that is easily adaptable to multiple touch points and that can be developed and activated continuously to meet emerging needs and communication goals.

The coexistence of the different graphic resources also projects a divers and empathic image towards the Fanta Fest target and its main interests.

07FantaFest by CBA
08 FantaFest by CBA 2

Original artist illustrations have been designed to create unique and impactful celebrity posters. With a timeless style built on flat colours, consistent with Fanta’s visual identity, versatility is achieved through chromatic variations in the artist’s strokes and clothing, which can alter depending on the environment in which the posters are placed.

09FantaFest by CBA
10FantaFest by CBA 4

The art direction of the celebrity photoshoot and the whole visual imagery of the festival, both in digital and editorial styles, are consistent with the main creative concept: fun, colourful, and diverse, and portrayed in a natural and dynamic way.

11FantaFest by CBA
12FantaFest by CBA
13FantaFest by CBA 1

From lifestyle photographs of people enjoying every second of the experience to the fullest, to snacking posters that, combined with a fun copy, showcase the tastiness of the products available at the festival.

15FantaFest by CBA 1
16FantaFest by CBA

This vibrant and eye-catching visual ecosystem comes to live through its diverse applications, from social media to festival materials.

19FantaFest by CBA 1
20FantaFest by CBA
21FantaFest by CBA

A solid yet flexible new visual identity system that allows Fanta Fest 2023 to express itself in a playful and vibrant way across all types of media. An iconic and timeless identity that evokes the youthful and joyous essence of the festival.

14FantaFest by CBA 1