Evolving Nutrition





Creating a brand that lights the companies’ way

Founded more than 40 years ago in Colombia, Premex is a family-owned business that develops specialized services in animal and human health. Over the years, the company has expanded its business throughout Latin America. To support the internationalization and portfolio diversification, new companies were created: Alura, Nutreo and Asimetrix, each with its own expertise in the health and nutrition market. The next natural step was to build something bigger to unite the 4 companies with a single corporate positioning.

As long-standing partners, responsible for developing their other brands, we, from CBA B+G, were once more asked to face the challenge of consolidating the new positioning and to create the group’s brand.

Nutrition, innovation and well-being

Although all the group companies operate in nutrition, they had independent strategies, with no connection or alignment among them. To strengthen the new brand strategy globally, the challenge was to define a positioning, identify the key values and create a single brand personality that could stand for all.

First, we worked on understanding the internal corporate context, interviewing each of the company’s directors and analyzing internal brand studies. Then, we examined the external situation, studying competing companies and conglomerates. We concluded that all the companies share essential similarities: they offer high-value solutions, are based on scientific and technological knowledge, and guided by human values. Based on the common pillars, we reached a unique value proposition, building the corporate positioning that would allow the group to stand out in the market.


We applied the Brand Pulse Methodology to build the new brand strategy. Next, we created the name and graphic concept. The creative path developed gathered the brands’ common characteristics, such as optimism, positivity, and abundance, perceived as the way to make the business shine.

The new brand was named Iluma Alliance. Iluma means, above all, knowledge shared among the companies. It denotes an orientation, a guidance to evolving nutrition. The embedded brand concept of alliance conveys the common values shared by the companies, in unity to reach new heights.

Based on the name choice we built the visual identity, typography, color and all the graphic components of the new brand, driven by the constant transformation of evolving nutrition. In the brand’s signature, the dot over the letter “i” was placed higher, showing that, from it, knowledge spreads and lights the way for the allied companies.