Rethinking (im)mobility






A sustainable urban life through parking.

IZIX© is a brand of the BE PARK group whose objective is to create more mobile and intelligent cities to offer a more pleasant and sustainable urban life.

Their mission is to enable real estate players to better manage and optimize their parking lots and spaces so that they can improve the mobility experience in and around their buildings and contribute to smarter, more efficient and more modern cities.

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IZIX© is a Parking Management software and application.
This tool is the result of 10 years of experience in meeting the needs and expectations of a real estate sector in full digital transformation.

Real estate &
digital transformation.

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The mission.

CBA Design was asked to imagine a naming, a brand platform and a positioning which was then embodied in a baseline. Finally, we developed a logotype and a graphic territory in line with the mission, values and personality of the brand.

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