Feel the new beginning





The identity of a new startup in the recruitment world that aims to bridge the gap between the university and the job market.

Joinrs is an innovative recruitment experience platform based on AI and sophisticated matching algorithms between students and companies. When we met them, they were in the process of rebranding the company, with the goal of facilitating international expansion into other markets, and the need to structure their new identity and storytelling.
How to communicate a reality capable of enhancing the potential of young people who are entering the job market?

How to tell the innovations introduced by Joinrs in the category to bring together students and companies looking to attract the best talent?

Guided by category research and analysis, as well as interviews with the board and target audience, we highlighted the main values and key messages of the company, defining the scope in which Joinrs assists both young talents and partner companies in improving what has so far been a cold and irrelevant exchange of information for both parties.

From this initial phase, we arrived at the definition of the new positioning, “Feel the new beginning.”

“Joinrs” is the term that defines a “newcomer” in the workplace in English. It represents a significant moment, filled with positive emotions but also fears and uncertainties. This is where the design concept originates: from the desire to make these emotions visible and use them as key elements to build the brand narrative and visual identity.

We have cataloged all the phases of the onboarding process for the “new Joinrs,” starting from job search, through the platform experience, and up to the first day at the company.

Subsequently, we have created a visual language based on these expressions because they represent the foundational and most expressive element of human communication. Through these, we have reproduced a wide range of emotions, each one then associated with a specific moment of the experience.

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The emotional alphabet built for Joinrs allows the company to connect with the target audience, speak with them on an equal level, and demonstrate closeness to what they feel. This represents a significant differentiation from the communication of Joinrs’ competitors in the industry, who are characterized by a more institutional and detached approach.

The language has been enriched by a broad and vibrant color palette. For each emotion, a primary and a secondary color have been identified. The correspondence between the eye expressions and the associated colors allows for strong communication of the emotion of each moment.

We have chosen a typographic character with soft and rounded letters, the Museo Slab Rounded, to convey a human yet reliable identity. The photographic style, finally, further emphasizes these aspects by selecting expressive faces as subjects, captured in moments of everyday life and spontaneity.

All these elements have been organized into a system that is easy to reproduce with clear layout rules, a crucial feature for a startup like Joinrs, which needs to convey its identity across physical and digital touchpoints in an agile and fast manner.

In this way, Joinrs’ identity lives on and is transmitted consistently with its essence, making the company’s growth in its future expansion stronger and more secure.

Joinrs is an Italian startup in the recruitment field, born in Milan, and highly innovative within its category thanks to the introduction of AI. This AI is particularly valuable during the profile matching phase between users and companies, especially as the company expands internationally across Europe and globally.