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The birth of Lefèbvre Dalloz






Lefèbvre Sarrut and CBA Design are launching the new brand which unites the expertise and know-how of the renowned brands of the Lefèbvre Sarrut group in France: Lefèbvre Dalloz.
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Lefèbvre Sarrut transforms

For several years, Lefèbvre Sarrut, European leader and world No. 4 in legal and tax knowledge, has undergone a major transformation for the benefit of its clients.

A new step has now been taken, that of a common identity in France as a link between its essential brands in their field (Éditions Francis Lefebvre, Éditions Dalloz, Éditions Législatives, Francis Lefebvre Formation, Dalloz Formation, Elegia Formation, CSP Docendi and Bärchen).

Supported by the CBA Design agency and today, Lefèbvre Sarrut is transforming and giving birth to Lefèbvre Dalloz: a global response to the needs of professionals today and tomorrow.


A new common identity

To do this, CBA rethought the group’s global brand strategy: new brand architecture, creation of the new commercial brand and its brand platform, new visual identity, new graphic territory, drafting of the new sales pitch, and finally the making of a reveal film.

The goal? Create a commercial synergy by decompartmentalizing the business units and increasing sales. To do this, the agency had to face two challenges:

  • Rethink the brand architecture to gain readability and evolve towards a more modern and innovative image territory.
  • Support the sales forces right up to the drafting of their sales speeches to promote cross selling between expertise.
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The objective of this common identity is to enhance this synergy and to gain clarity for our customers on the added value of our group in France, speaking with one and the same voice. It is also internally a real business project, a team project, that of the employees of Lefèbvre Sarrut in France.

Olivier CAMPENON, Chairman of the Board of Lefèbvre Sarrut. 

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Union, progression, modernity

In order to create a unity between the different areas of expertise and thus generate more notoriety as a commercial brand, CBA worked on a modern logo, with a proprietary typography, which evokes digital simplicity.

The 3 points on the logo represent the 3 areas of expertise as well as the 3 brand names (Lefèbvre, Sarrut and Dalloz) and allow horizontal alignment to be created, to give a notion of cohesion and horizontal vision. In addition, the point demonstrates some determination. Determination of a strong, united group that strives for innovation and modernity.

These 3 points can be extracted to create an iconographic element in its own, creating a vertical language to give a notion of evolution and to mark a progressive rhythm of dynamism of the group.

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lefèbvre Dalloz 1400x800 5 copie 2