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The Paul Bocuse Institute reinvents itself






To support the change and ambition of the Paul Bocuse Institute, CBA once again partners with the school of audacity in the evolution of its visual identity and the unveiling of its new name: Lyfe Institute.
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The Institute reinvents itself.

CBA Design has been supporting the Paul Bocuse Institute for several years, and once again, the school has called on the agency to assist in one of the biggest events in its history: the renaming and rebranding of the Institute.

This is not the first time for the Institute, which was originally established in 1991 under the name “L’École des Arts Culinaires et de l’Hôtellerie d’Ecully.” It was after being acquired in 1998 by Gérard Pelisson, co-founder of the Accor Group, that the Institute was renamed “Institut Paul Bocuse”, in honor of the school’s founding patron.

Over the past twenty years, the Institute has accelerated its development and solidified its position among the world’s top-tier schools for culinary arts, hospitality, and restaurant management.

A new name to align with the strategic ambitions of a school rooted in the 21st century.

In 2023, the Institute is undergoing a renewal, evolving, and becoming Lyfe Institute! In alignment with the school’s ambition and international positioning, a new identity that embodies the modernity, innovation, and uniqueness of the Institute has been envisioned by CBA Design.


Giving meaning to the lives of those who shine the French art of living throughout the world.

CBA Design agency partnered with a strategic committee consisting of employees, alumni, patrons, employers, and administrators of the school in creating its new logo (to complement the new naming of the Institute developed by the Nomen agency), communication materials, and also in redesigning its website.

But what would a reveal be without teasing on social media? Lyfe Institute and CBA also co-created an event campaign on the school’s social platforms to ignite surprise and build anticipation throughout this renaming process.

Furthermore, the international design agency developed the entire graphic identity for the new division dedicated to Hospitality and Management courses. This second campus complements the historic campus dedicated to Culinary Arts, which will now be referred to as “Paul Bocuse campus”, each campus paying tribute to the Institute’s two founders.

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Lyfe Institute, a school to bring meaning to the lives of those who illuminate the French art of living worldwide.

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