50th Red Mug Anniversary






Creation of the five limited edition mugs to mark the 50th anniversary of Nescafé’s iconic Red Mug.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nescafé’s Red Mug, we created five new limited-edition designs to collect, whose graphic codes also extend to various communication and point of sale materials. A memorable event to capture 50 years of love for the Red Mug and enhance its role in the daily life of Spanish homes.

CBA Design Taza Roja 01
CBA Design TazaRoja 02 min 2

An inspiring challenge that aims to generate attraction and modernize the perception of the brand by creating a groundbreaking, vibrant image with personality through its artistic expression.

Over the years, many artistic movements, such as modernism or street art, have connected with people and marked different stages in their lives. That is why we wanted to represent the 50-year history of the Red Mug by capturing artistic trends that have inspired millions of people.

CBA Design Taza Roja 03

The result is a tribute to the icon’s history through a contemporary interpretation, giving the design its own meaning and conceptually linking it around the 50th anniversary from an aesthetic that empathizes with consumers.

CBA Design Taza Roja 07

A creative and attractive design that appeals to artistic culture to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Nescafé Red Mug. In essence, five collector’s pieces developed from simplicity and joy, which also preserve the iconicity of the brand.