Les recettes de l'Atelier

The artisan spirit in supermarkets





CBA imagines this new chocolate experience with the creation of a disruptive visual identity on the category and the deployment on all ranges over the years.

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/ Background

Nestlé innovateson the chocolate segment, with a new tablet conceptt – with a topping of wholenuts and dried fruits – recalling the traditional t“Mendiants” you can find atsweetshops. Nestlé becomes the first brand to bring the “chocolate artisan”world into supermarkets.t

This range,positioned as an t“everyday premium” treat is to be launched in several marketsunder the different local brands – starting with Nestlé in France.

/ True vision

“Les recettes de l’atelier” (“Recipes from theartisan shop”)t conciliates artisan flair and supermarket retail rules : thet“perfect imperfection” of products is disclosed in order to stimulate allsenses and to invite to a new chocolate experience.

/ Creative expression

The visualinnovation is definitely eye-catching : realistic photoshoots of the tabletsand their ingredients are used as trompe-l’oeil on all the packaging. Thesimplicity and obviousness of details – ttextures paper band, watercolor traces,handwritten “font”, patina effectt – take consumers straight to the artisanworld, where traditional gestures are precise, creative and passionate.t
The differentrecipes are clearly identifiable thanks to the watercolor hues, and compose anoriginal indulgent palette in the chocolate aisle.


In 2016, two new offers Les Recettes de l'Atelier !

In 2016, two new offers were launched to complete the range: the Degustation and the Ganache.

The first one offers to rediscover dark chocolate through 6 different aromatic profiles, which vary according to the terroir the cocoa comes from. CBA reveals the cocoa expertise of this range thanks to the shaping of the bars that reminds the gesture of the master chocolatier, and thanks to the packaging, and its different color and number for each product of the collection.

The Ganache bars promise the perfect match between the crunchiness of the chocolate and the unctuosity of the Ganache. The generosity of the bar is expressed through the gourmet visual of every square, and a round typography, reminding the unctuosity of the product.