Purina Proplan

Global brand, local needs





Design system developed to highlight the most advanced nutrition

The biggest challenge of the extensive Proplan Flagship project was to develop the Purina ProPlan new brand identity for different Latin American markets, following the brand’s global guidelines. Quite a task, given the amount and complexity of tracking information (race, age, size, nutrients, etc.)

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In addition to the traditional analysis to understand the shopper of the pet food market, the project also required a deep understanding of regional particularities. Thus, in a co-creation work – together with Lapiz, Regional Communication Agency of ProPlan and brand leaders of Latin American countries – our team has developed the new packaging ecosystem for Pet Specialty.

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The new packaging has a design system that facilitates navigation through the vast portfolio of the brand and, at the same time, clearly presents the diversity of the product line. The information and benefits architecture has become more efficient, elegant and objective:

This way, packaging becomes a powerful piece of communication at the point of sale, effectively highlighting the benefits of each product. With messages focused on the shopper at the moment of purchase, we have also developed, together with the Purina trade team, a toolkit with the recommended set of POS material and the content for each, following the brand’s communication strategy.

As part of a regional project that covers several markets, we have consolidated all brand information – such as strategic guidelines, as well as packaging and point-of-sale communication with materials created to guide PTP (Path to Purchase) – into a Brand Book.

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This project won one of the two prizes we have received at the ABRE Brazilian Packaging Award 2021, whose main objective is to choose the packages that stand out as icons of excellence in quality, technology, design, functionality, sustainability and innovation. Purina Proplan won Silver in the category Packaging Redesign.