Surfing the probiotic galaxy





To define the uniqueness of an excellent player through a new future-oriented storytelling.

Thanks to a complete production process, from strain isolation to finished product, Probiotical has represented excellence in the Nutraceutical market for 40 years.

The company’s strong commitment to scientific research, along with its solidity, guide Probiotical in the development of products based on the needs of its partners and in the experimentation of solutions for new market niches.

Surfing together an unexplored galaxy 

Work design Probiotical 02 Concept 1 scaled

Due to generational change and fragmentation within the market, Probiotical needs to express its uniqueness and communicate its vision in order to consolidate its position in the global market.

Through targeted interviews of the internal team, we have identified the narrative pillars and defined the most relevant, distinctive, and vital messages in order to highlight the technical side of the company while also expressing its emotional soul and passion for the research. 

Work design Probiotical 03 Before After 1 scaled

We have developed a strong and recognizable visual identity aimed to express the harmony of technique and exploration, science and creation.

The overlapping of two graphic layers represents the union of science and production, while communicating the passion that brings the whole team together.

Work design Probiotical 04 Stationery 01 1 scaled
Work design Probiotical 04 Stationery 02 1 scaled

Within the editorial design system, the typography pushes boundaries, expressing the desire to explore new territories beyond those that are known.

The dominant sans serif typography, synonymous with scientific rigor and the production technicality, is combined with a graceful font, a synthesis of the human touch given to research and scientific studies.

Work design Probiotical 06 Calendar 2 scaled
Work design Probiotical 07 Therapeutic Area 01 1 scaled
Work design Probiotical 07 Therapeutic Area 02 1 scaled

The commitment to research is expressed by images of microscopes that represent extraordinary worlds of discovery and experimentation in a scientific area still unexplored and little known.

The adaptable and versatile system is able to be applied to both digital and physical touchpoints, ranging from editorial design to package design. 

Work design Probiotical 09 Stand 01 1 scaled
Work design Probiotical 09 Stand 02 1 scaled

Probiotical was founded in 1985 by Laboratorio Microbiologico Alce, built from the expertise acquired from dairy fermentation in order to develop strains in the interest of human health.