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Design of the strategic platform, positioning and new visual identity for Travelplan, the leisure expert tour operator to enjoy your vacations without any complications.
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A hassle-free vacation at everyone's reach.

Travelplan is an established tour operator with more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry, accompanying its clients closely on each of their trips. However, the brand lacked a solid strategic platform and its own distinctive personality.

Therefore, Travelplan has entrusted CBA Design to carry out a strategic branding work, enrich its brand narrative in a consistent way and relaunch the brand with a renewed image that reinforces its value proposition.

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The new positioning becomes the core of the new visual identity system.

The project takes off with a deep strategic work with the aim of repositioning Travelplan as the leisure expert that helps you enjoy your vacation without complications, offering a wide variety of options within the reach of any pocket. A comfortable option so that traveling is synonymous of enjoying with your family and friends. 

We have worked on the creation of a brand platform, defining its positioning, personality and values. A strategic proposal where inclusion and accessibility take center stage in the story. Travelplan believes that travel should be within everyone’s reach, putting enjoyment and peace of mind at the center of all decisions. A close, open and dynamic brand.

The strategic repositioning is expressed, first of all, through the brand’s most representative element, its logo. It demonstrates the trust and closeness that Travelplan offers by opting for a friendlier construction, working with rounded and organic shapes, and evolving from red to green. A design decision that moves the brand to a more contemporary and modern space.

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A proposal that seeks to reflect the versatility of the brand and highlight its infinite range of possibilities.

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From the construction of the new logo, and in line with the strategic platform, a flexible and dynamic visual identity system was developed. 

A new language where typographic, chromatic and iconographic resources take us to that moment of enjoyment and vitality.

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An identity system that expands consistently in its editorial and digital application, giving the brand the space it needs to develop its new narrative.

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Overall, the new image is a clear expression of the optimistic and relaxed holiday spirit that Travelplan represents and offers.


A renewed brand that celebrates the vitality and joy of a simply ideal vacation.

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