Il Prosecco che si racconta





A project that re-launches a young Prosecco brand with consistent storytelling and bold visual identity, addressing the insights gathered through fieldwork.

How to give a strong identity and recognisability to a young brand entering the crowded world of Prosecco? Which content should be used as a marketing lever for a wine with no history, no tradition, not even territory behind it?

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The challenge we faced with Genagricola was the relaunch of one of its most relevant wineries: V8+. A specialized Prosecco brand, that over time has managed to carve out a solid niche for itself in the HORECA sector, thanks to the quality of its products and the exuberant and striking visual language approach. Nevertheless, such efforts are not enough nowadays, making it necessary to take a step towards maturity, reinforcing its own identity to grow and join so the B2C universe.

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Thanks to interviews with club managers, bartenders, distributors, and sales forces, we understood that the V8+ soul comes from someone who knows how to make an excellent product by building credibility from the roots. We also understood that this is not about a small artisan, rather, it’s about someone who knows what people love, and who has built his success on the foundation of accessible quality in a demanding world.  V8+ has always spoken street language, entertaining and surprising with a lively, accessible, drinkable, and high-quality product.

This portrait has allowed us to sculpt the new brand positioning:

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Following this strategic guideline, we revised all the brand’s graphic assets, linking them into a consistent and unified story: the label clearly describes the wine’s characteristics, giving space to the production method (the Martinotti method); in addition to the label, once opened, the capsule also contributes to communicating the product’s features;  the shape of the bottle, which was previously detached from the language, now adopts the spirit of the brand with a distinctive texture, increasing its prominence.

V8+ does not deny its origins, on the contrary, from them it builds a new, stronger, and more transmissible identity.

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"The support we found in CBA was that of a partner. We conducted a preliminary analysis of our brand, investigating existing points to build on and identifying those that could be areas for growth. This, combined with a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape, allowed us to identify a unique and strong positioning, which aims to create value not only for the V8+ brand, but for the entire Prosecco category"

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Genagricola is the largest Italian agricultural company, involving 25 farms throughout Italy, from Calabria to Piedmont, from Lazio to Veneto, and even beyond Italy, in Romania. Over 360 employees and more than 160 years of history.