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Giving voice to the creativity of the WPP Italy group

WPP is the largest group in the world dedicated to communications services, with over 100,000 employees working in 111 countries.

In Italy it comprises 20 agencies, with a shared culture based on values of openness, optimism and commitment in attaining remarkable achievements.

WOICE was created to give voice to WPP Italy group’s creativity
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WOICE is the name that we have coined to give voice to the Group’s creative potential and national talents. A voice to narrate, declare and share WPP Italy’s unique characteristics. Union, exchange and crossover generate different viewpoints and horizons, which, like sound, are propagated in a wave of transformative energy.

The visual identity was designed starting from the four types of wave that exist in nature: sine, sawtooth, triangular and square. The sine wave becomes part of the logotype’s typography, graphically expressing the letter “W” and the concept of sound propagation.

The four types of sound wave that inspired the visual identity

The progress of the four waves, transformed into a geometric motif, generates a dynamic, modular visual language, consistently different, but capable of giving rise to a design system that is as lively as it is harmonious.

Isaac Newton’s colour wheel was used to generate the chromatic palette

The palette is based on the colour wheel by Isaac Newton, the first scientist who put sound and colour into correlation. Bright and powerful hues lend weight to the narrative of the Group’s creative energy, the vibrant body that gives rise to a kaleidoscope of fresh, unique and innovative ideas.

The visual language adapts dynamically to the formats of social media channels

The explosion of creative energy takes tangible form in both static and dynamic applications in which the combined use of typography, graphic motifs and colour create flexible patterns that remain legible at all times. Whether devised for interaction with WPP players, whether existing in the physical world or in the digital space, Woice has a vibrant, distinctive identity, like the creativity that it describes.

The design system takes tangible form in both dynamic and static applications
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