12X6 with Shut Up Claudia

Twelve works over six months, a project that turns our offices into a gallery, where the stories and worlds of young creative talents are revealed.

The CBA 12X6 project was born with the idea of offering a space for young talents linked to the world of visual arts. Every 6 months the artists will alternate, proposing a theme and a unique point of view expressed in their own style and language.

The story is told through a series of 12 works displayed in our workspace and promoted through our communication channels.

CBA Insight 12x6 01 Sala Serra

This initiative takes off with “Just Women”, a series of 12 prints by the artist Shut Up Claudia, created to portray some of the most intimate and special moments that only a woman can fully understand and appreciate.

Shut Up Claudia is a Portuguese Illustrator who has made Milan her new home for the last few years. Her visual narratives are born from the need to communicate to the world the purest and truthful part of herself, without filters or restrictions.


In her work, women are the protagonists, they are irreverent, sincere, intimate, and proud, without masks, like Claudia, who through her alter ego tells the truest facets of the reality of every woman.

CBA Insight 12x6 04 Illustratrice
CBA Insight 12x6 03 Illustratrice

To learn more about Shut Up Claudia’s work you can visit her website shutupclaudia.com