Amplifying brand experience through design

Get inspired by Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) design strategies to amplify your brand experience!

Design is a global language that connects like-minded people, and its role is to establish a meaningful dialogue between brands, cultures, products, and services. Brand experience is the lasting impression customers have of your brand, it’s when brands come to life. This experience includes thoughts, feelings and reactions that go beyond product purchase, and present the brand in a different way.

How can design help building a stronger and more consistent brand experience? To broaden the experience that a brand can offer, and to inspire you with design solutions for consumer goods, we have analyzed a couple of references and brought you some insights and examples:

1. Multisensory design

Design is not just about visual elements, but also about creating a multisensory experience for customers. This can include using sound, touch, and even smell to create a more immersive brand experience.

Make your assets iconic  

Explore the brand assets all the way, inviting the audience to see the world through the brand’s unique perspective. Think of your product shape as a portal to a large ecosystem…  Ask yourself questions such as ‘Is there any singular characteristics of my brand I should explore?’ or ‘If my brand dropped the logo or wordmark, would people still recognize it?’

Explore the senses  

The 5 senses open a gate of multi sensorial experience that creates a powerful emotional bond that people will never forget – and they will never see your brand the same way again. 

The Greatest

Apple highlights its innovative features such as door detection, sound recognition, and voice control, which enable individuals with disabilities to customize their user experience.

The Greatest, Apple

2. Packaging as a canvas

Packaging is not just a functional element, but also a canvas for storytelling and brand expression. Brands can use packaging to convey their brand story, values, and personality, creating a deeper connection with customers. Never underestimate your packaging potential to communicate uniqueness and ultimately engage with your audience. 

Use branding to convey strong messages  

Infuse storytelling on pack. Dare to use the packaging as a canvas to tell customers your campaign or your brand story. And never underestimate the back panel or the inside wrapper to express the brand’s point of view. 

Transform your pack into a social platform  

The pack can be the starting point to spark conversations and to stimulate everyone to express positivity, creating content and powerful social campaigns. 

06 Packs help you get your Valentines crush ♥️

For Valentine’s Day, Monoprix offers a unique way to make declarations of love by creating ‘Pack 06‘ on which customers can write their phone number and then place them in their crush’s shopping cart at the supermarket.

Pack 06 #UnCrushChezMonoprix, Monoprix

3. Sustainability

An increasingly important factor in brand experience, as customers are looking for brands that are environmentally and socially responsible. Brands can use sustainable packaging materials, design for recyclability, and communicate their sustainability initiatives. Innovative, yet simple design solutions to become 100% eco-friendly and revolutionize the industry.

360 sustainability experiences  

Global brands are embracing strong commitments with sustainability and showing them to the world with powerful aesthetic retail experiences and brand environment, using innovative design and powerful storytelling.  

Rewarding experiences  

Get your customers to engage with your recycling and sustainable programs through rewarding schemes and hassle-free experiences that make it easy for them to participate.

Doing good with goodness

CBA Design partners with VALRHONA in the creation of its space in the heart of Paris. With the goal of highlighting the Maison’s CSR commitments, the Retail & Architecture department has prioritized eco-friendly materials, including coated raw earth, cocoa bean waste, and wood wool panels.

4. Digital experiences

The digital world offers endless possibilities to create desirability, with one-of-kind digital collectibles and hybrid experiences that add an interactive layer in the traditional store format. By bringing the digital to the physical, we can create unique and memorable experiences.

Digital collectibles  

You can create unique digital collections of your products that can help increase the value of your brand, making it more iconic and desirable.

Creating bridges between physical and digital  

Retailers are bringing the metaverse into the physical world. Others are using metaverse, to reinforce the unrivalled value of IRL experiences.  

Heineken Silver, the zero calorie beer

The Dutch beer giant unveiled its new beverage in its virtual brewery on Decentraland, its metaverse platform, making it the world’s first virtual beer.

Virtual Heineken Silver

5. Social media

It is a powerful tool for amplifying brand experience. It allows brands to connect with customers in real-time and create a sense of community. Brands can use social media to share user-generated content, respond to customer feedback, and create engaging campaigns that encourage customers to share their experiences.

Netflix, decoding a successful digital strategy

The undisputed global leader in streaming owes its reputation in part to its exceptional marketing strategy on social media, a way for Netflix France to engage with its community using a playful tone and leave a lasting impression.

banniere netflix 1
Netflix France

Every aspect of a brand – verbal or visual – should work together to create a cohesive and memorable experience. From graphic to business design, we believe that design foremosts a way of thinking that uses specific methodologies to solve problems based on consumer experience.

We work beyond the surface of our clients’ businesses, fully meeting their needs through projects that include branding consultancy for FMCG, service design, marketing, and business modeling.

You too, explore the experience potential of your brand.