CBA won 3 awards at the Pentawards Festival 2022!

The Pentawards festival, an international and prestigious award show, gathered the world packaging design leaders last September the 22 and 23, at the London Science Museum. The festival focused on the future of packaging, sustainability and design trends. 

More than a festival, the Pentawards organizes each year a competition that recognize global excellence in packaging. CBA Italy and USA were rewarded with silver, bronze and platinum!

/ meracinque

CBA Italy worked on a new, female-oriented identity for Meracinque that gives the consumer much more than a product: a story of family and innovation. The packaging takes a major and original role in the communication of the brand: it illustrates and outlines the story of the product, the brand characteristics and the qualities of Meracinque rice. CBA Italy received silver in the category “SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: FOOD” and bronze in the category “BREADS, GRAINS AND PASTA”. 

Pentawards Meracinque 1
Pentawards Meracinque 2
/ pongo

CBA USA received the platinum award in the “Professional conceptual work – Home, leisure & other markets” category for its Pongo concept, a pet friendly aromatherapy spritz, that freshens and pampers your furry friends. Formulated to safely neutralize pet odor, Pongo also provides emotional support through a variety of all natural mood enhancing scents for their wellbeing and care. The structure is a custom molded plastic alternative base with a slightly modified trigger spray head that’s common to all SKUs. Recyclable full-bleed shrink-wrap graphics cover the body of the structure allowing for an endless range of doggos, fun outfits, seasonal editions and possible online customization. 

Pentawards Pongo 1
CBA Insights Pentawards 04

CBA Italy won, in addition to two awards, a certification for the “Fruit and Vegetable” category. The new brand positioning and new identity, focused on the « goodness » and Life’s capability of bringing taste and joy to everyday living, convinced the jury!

To recall, CBA Italy focused on different ways in which Life responds to consumer’s need to feel good. Five territories, hallmarked by the meeting between different taste experiences and the ways of interpreting physical and mental wellness: authenticity, energy, creativity, taste and sharing. These territories have guided the reorganization of the product portfolio’s architecture.