CBA’s got a relift!

To strenghten its convictions and purpose, CBA Design created its new digital and human brand experience.

Since its creation, CBA has been working with brands on design problematic by placing Human being at the very core of its approach. For the agency, it is together, by associating various talents and expertise but also by listening to consumers, that it detects and brings to light the meaning and purpose of brands, through design. For CBA, design is a tool for positive transformation; it shapes differences and allows brands and consumers to leave a lasting positive impact on society, on environment; and on the world. 

However, nowadays, having and claiming a purpose is no longer enough. Now, it requires tangible evidence to embody our message with honesty and authenticity.
With a “raison d’être” already detected, the agency decided to undertake this exercise by its own, in order to be able to manage the best possible collaboration with brands. 
That is why, in 2021, CBA has decided to reassert its positioning, its missions and its values through the redefinition of its brand platform, its graphic territories and its consumers’ experience on digital.

The results? A new brand speech and a new digital ecosystem, merging meaning with performance, in order to live up to its convictions. 

/ A brand platform that reflects CBA network’s convictions and uniqueness

With the aim of focusing on what makes the design agency unique, international workshops were set up to redefine the CBA brand platform. This collaboration has allowed the association of various talents in the world. The main idea was to create a flexible design identity ecosystem to allow each agency around the world to customize it according to its cultural and local influences.

This collaborative work has enabled the agency to create an agile brand platform that reflects CBA’s international standing, and that is consistent with a common and meaningful message.

CBA blimp 03
/ A new digital experience to reconcile meaning and performance

This web design project has been initiated by CBA’s digital teams in Paris.
A major challenge with a double goal:

  • allow the agency to anchor itself in reality by bringing evidence of its purpose, its mission and its conviction
  • while affirming its digital expertise all over the world.

From the beginning of this project, we’ve put the user at the core of our thinking to make it easier for them to understand the new positioning of CBA as they navigate

Brice prouillac

Digital Artistic Director

Although the precedent version was a true showcase of its “savoir-faire”, the agency wanted to give a more human and design dimension to its digital ecosystem; hence making its websites a mirror of its expertise and personality.

The goal was to create a true brand experience, with flexible design to allow its various international offices to encounter their own cultural singularity, specific to each country and each team.    

The agency needed to give more meaning to its websites, through its speech regarding its new positioning, for its design with the idea of reflecting the core of its business and finally, from technical point of view, to be suitable with its international development and with the best web practices in 2021. 

Thus, thanks to a collaborative and international work, CBA proves the successful association of its talents throughout the world.

Today, the agency got a relift and is equipped with new websites that match with its creativity. It offers a brand experience that highlights the meaning hidden behind the design, the purpose embodiment of the agency and its savoir-faire.

A whole new experience that should delights users!