Design and the environment: a necessary alliance for a preserved planet

In a world where environmental issues are fundamental, design emerges as a key player in preserving our planet. Beyond mere aesthetics, design provides an opportunity to rethink our patterns of consumption and production.


Did you know that 40 million tons of plastic are discharged into the environment every year?

Air pollution, the increasing presence of plastics in our oceans… Our human activities endanger numerous ecosystems and threaten our own existence. In a rapidly changing world where environmental issues are more crucial than ever before, design emerges as a key player in preserving our planet.

Beyond mere aesthetics, design provides an opportunity to rethink our patterns of consumption and production. Acting with design, yes, but how? Let’s explore.

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Eco-friendly packagings.

/ Or how to reduce our ecological footprint

According to Ipsos (2022), nearly 60% of French people plan to eliminate excessive packaging to fight climate change – a significant percentage that would encourage businesses to integrate more eco-design into their production methods. In the face of growing environmental impact, eco-friendly design plays a crucial role in waste reduction.

The use of recyclable materials enables eco-designed packaging to drastically reduce the amount of plastic used. It’s time for biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging to take center stage, offering thoughtful alternatives to single-use items.


/ Unbottled, the brand that challenges single-use

Focus on Unbottled, the emerging made-in-France brand that defies single-use. Committed to nature-friendly cosmetics, the brand offers a variety of solid products for the face, body, hair, and zero-waste accessories, all designed with respect for nature and the ocean.

Not only is Unbottle dedicated to nature, but also to the skin! Beyond biodegradable packaging, their products are certified vegan, free from chemicals, and cruelty-free. Since its inception, Unbottled claims to have already saved 1 million plastic bottles. It’s proof that we can both smell good and do good for the planet!

Design as an awareness tool.

/ A visual language that conveys powerful messages

Design is also a powerful visual language that has the ability to capture attention and convey impactful messages in favor of the environment. From striking visuals to informative packaging, design enables the public to be aware of environmental issues and encourages more planet-friendly behaviors. Beyond aesthetics, design becomes a strong medium for communication and social mobilization.

/ The Blue Drop, the bag that saves the planet

According to the UN, 9 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean every year!

Pure Ocean, a French foundation committed to ocean research and conservation programs, is dedicated to preserving marine biodiversity. With a mission to raise awareness among consumer-activists about waste collection, the foundation sought the assistance of CBA Design for branding support for their new brand: La Goutte Bleue (The Blue Drop).

La Goutte Bleue is a bag made from recycled materials, designed for collecting waste on beaches, in cities, countryside, mountains… before it reaches the sea.

From creating the visual identity of the concept to designing the packaging, La Goutte Bleue was born to the delight of consumer-activists who want to make a positive impact in preserving natural resources. Vamos a la playa!

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Sustainable retail.

/ Creator of sensory AND responsible experiences

As a rapidly transforming sector, the retail industry has successfully adapted to growing ecological awareness by integrating environmentally friendly practices into all aspects of the retail process. From the products sold to the construction materials used, sustainable retail actively takes part in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of brands that have embraced it.

cafe crus

Focus on Malongo, a pioneer in promoting fair trade coffee and tea, which enlisted the expertise of CBA to revitalize its image and boost sales through a retail concept. The brand’s sustainable approach is embodied in:

  • The use of locally sourced, eco-friendly materials.
  • Illumination fixtures designed by passionate young creators.
  • Simple and understated packaging that reflects the brand’s commitments, showcasing the ethical origin and characteristics of the products.

This innovative concept has been implemented internationally, in Europe and Asia. For Parisians, the boutique can be found at 50 Rue Saint-André des Arts. Get your Navigo passes ready!

Design and environment.

/ A necessary alliance to preserve our planet

Whether through eco-design, awareness, or circularity, we all understand it: design is a superhero for the planet. A true ally of the environment, it undeniably plays a major role in the transition towards a more sustainable way of life.

What about you? What are you doing to save our planet? ♻️