Eco-friendly packaging, it’s more than just a trend!

Switching to eco-friendly packaging is more than a trend, it’s a necessity. Design is there to help brands in this transition!
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For companies, switching to eco-friendly packaging is more than a trend, it is now a necessity.

Did you know that on average a European produces nearly 180 kgs of packaging waste per year? Did you also know that, according to the European Commission, more than 40% of plastic materials and 50% of paper used in Europe are intended for packaging?

However, more and more consumers no longer want to put up with packaging in their daily lives. According to Ipsos, almost 60% of French consumers plan to remove excessive packaging to fight climate change. Nearly half of American consumers are willing to pay more for their products for recyclable or reusable packaging.

The environmental cause affects us all. More than half of us adjust our behavior to become more responsible and contribute on our scale to the preservation of our planet.

That’s why this new awareness is pushing companies to innovate and come up with new eco-responsible packaging strategies.

/ But what does eco-friendly packaging really stand for?

Eco-responsible packaging, eco-friendly packaging or eco-packaging: all mean the same thing.


Eco-responsible packaging, eco-friendly packaging or eco-packaging: all mean the same thing. It’s a packaging that limits its impact on the environment by considering its entire life cycle and without danger for its user.

Unlike what one might think, it’s not just limited to recycling! A multitude of concepts must be integrated. Here are few of them:

  • Healthy for people and biodiversity
  • Be part of a logic of sustainable development
  • Use renewable energies during its design, transport and recycling
  • Recyclable, reusable or biodegradable


More and more brands are willing to invest in new ways of designing their products’ packaging.

According to LSA Green, 90% of European consumers expect brands to commit themselves.

More and more brands are expected to invest in a new packaging design for their products in order to meet these new expectations and convictions required from their consumers. From luxury brands to cosmetics, or even agri-food, all types of industries are determined to eliminate plastic packaging.

Beyond attracting the consumer, packaging also allows a brand to communicate about its identity and values. An eco-friendlier packaging will allow brands to strengthen their image as committed companies. It will also help them to be in harmony with the desires of their customers and prospects.

/ Innovations that leave no trace

No more headaches
to recycle our waste!

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And yes, more and more brands are launching innovative design and packaging solutions while being compostable and biodegradable.

Discover the Coffeeb capsules project from CAFE ROYAL. Forget all the aluminum ones… make room for small, compressed coffee balls, wrapped in a thin 100% biodegradable membrane!

/ Packaging that impacts consumers

Packaging certainly plays a crucial part in consumer purchasing decisions, but is it as strong to transform consumer behavior?

Who hasn’t already been influenced by packaging when shopping? And yes, this is not new: packaging has a key role in consumer purchasing decisions, but is it as strong to transform impact our behavior for the very best?

Some brands have taken up the challenge and used the packaging of their products to raise consumers’ awareness about recycling and environmental cause.

900 care

The 900 care brand is the perfect example of tackling the thorny problem of household pollution and the overconsumption of plastic. The company has designed a range of hygiene products as tablets that can be diluted in water to allow everyone to make their own products.

But what persuades us to change our habits? With their subscription system, you no longer need to worry! As soon as you run out of shampoo, you receive the refills directly at home.

Practical but also well-designed, the brand comes up with colorful refillable bottles that can also be used as decoration tools in our bathrooms.

So, are you ready to go green?

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